Chokchai TrainersChokchai is a relatively newer Muay Thai gym that has opened up on Soi Tai-ed (Tiger Muay Thai Road) in Chalong. The gym was founded by Chokchai who was previously a trainer at Tiger MT. He is well known for his boxing skills and his biggest claim to fame comes from fighting Manny Pacquiao many years ago when he was still fighting out of the Philippines.

Even though there are many other gyms located along this small street, Chokchai has managed to establish itself as a successful gym in a short period of time. They have partnered up with Titan Fitness, so students who train at Chokchai also get a few free passes to train at Titan Fitness.


As mentioned before, Chokchai is located on a small street just off of Soi Tai-ed. There are a total of 4 Muay Thai gyms on this road and another 2 dedicated fitness gyms as well. The resulting effect is an extremely dense population of tourists who come to train at the many camps and gyms around.

The best feature of this road is the food options. Everything is fairly priced and you can get a healthy Western meal that tastes good. Since most businesses are aware that people on this road want healthy food, there are a lot of healthy options available for people to choose.

Apart from the food on the street, there are some good restaurants in Chalong that are a 5-10 minute motorbike ride away. If you plan on renting a motorbike i highly suggest you know how to ride one before you do. There are many accidents and deaths by people driving motorbikes, so be careful.

Nai Harn and Kata beach are located about 20 minutes away by motorbike or taxi. If you want to go to the mall it is 10 minutes away if there isn’t much traffic and Phuket town is another 10 minutes as well. People who are into partying will want to visit Patong which is roughly 35 minutes away by bike or car.


One of the big selling points that Chokchai Muay Thai offers is Muay Boran and Western Boxing classes. They have a 120 hour certification course for people who are looking to study Muay Boran and learn some of the techniques.

For those of you who don’t know, Muay Boran is the traditional form of Thai fighting that includes a lot of flashy jump kicks, flying knees, elbows and jumps. It is more of a traditional martial art because they do not train to fight.

Chokchai gymThe class times at Chokchai gym are between 8-10 am and 4-6 pm in the evening. The Muay Boran class is taught between 10:30 to 12:30 pm for those who are interested. Between those hours they offer private lessons to students who want to get one on one instruction.

The training itself follows the standard training that you find at most gyms.

Here is a list of you will do:

  • A 30 minute warm up/stretching routine
  • 20 minutes of mirrored Muay Thai shadow boxing
  • 15 minutes of Muay Thai technique work with a partner
  • 3 x 3min rounds of pad work with a trainer
  • 3 x 3min rounds of working on the heavy bags
  • 3 x 3min rounds of Sparring/Clinching
  • 200 alternating front kicks on the heavy bags
  • 200 jump knees on heavy boxing bag
  • 200 sit ups and 200 push-ups (or as many as you can do)
  • Cool down/stretching

The trainers at the gym would be another big selling point. All of their trainers have a wealth of experience and a few of them who rank among the best fighters in Thailand during their prime. In particular Tukkatatong, Fahsuchon and Talayhod are very well known trainers at Tiger Muay Thai that now work for the gym.


Chokchai gym offers two types of accommodation at their gym. The first of these options is the luxury budget rooms that feature two single beds, TV, WiFi, AC, a small fridge and a bathroom. As long as you don’t plan on cooking while you are in Thailand (why would you?) this is everything that you need.

The next option that they offer is the Thai style Treehouses. This accommodation offers a little bit more space with wooden fixtures and a balcony. Besides the extra space, I could only imagine the sound proofing probably isn’t great in the wooden house.

If you don’t feel like living on site you can stay in one of the many accommodation options that are available just down the street. The nice thing about so many options is it helps keep the prices low so you don’t won’t ever overpay for your stay.


  • Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Muay Boran
  • Titan Fitness Gym Passes
  • Quality Trainers
  • Many restaurants and accommodation options nearby


  • Heavily tourist area
  • You need to rent a motorbike if you want to do something during the day
  • Beach is 20 minutes away

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who is curious about Muay Boran or want to learn a bit of Western boxing, Chokchai gym is a good option available. The founder of the gym has quite an impressive Boxing resume which is definitely a positive if you like Boxing. They seem to have a good trainer to student ratio and it looks like a beginner friendly gym.

The benefit of going to a gym like this is if you don’t like it you can simply walk a few meters up the street and go to another one. Like any newer gym, it will be interesting to see how they do in a few years from now. With the high quality of trainers, there is no reason to believe that Chokchai won’t continue to do well in their business.

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