When you are locked inside of the clinch there are a number of techniques you can utilize against your opponent. Many techniques focus on off balancing your opponent, which can open up space for you to throw a knee strike.

In my last video with Petchboonchu, he demonstrated an effective arm trap that you can use to execute a knee strike. This is a technique that required good footwork in order for you to execute the move. That technique was used when you are fighting for position in the clinch.

In today’s Training with Champions video, Petchboonchu demonstrates a clinching technique you can use when you are locked in the clinch against your opponent. While your opponent is fighting for better arm position, you can take advantage of a strong lock by using this off balancing technique.

Clinching Technique: Clinching Arm Arm Lock Off Balancing Technique

Keys to the Technique

The key to this technique is to wait for your opponent to break his lock around your neck. As your releases one hand from his lock and tries to get his hand inside your lock, you rotate your body around his locked arm.

This technique is difficult to execute because you need to coordinate your footwork and arm movement at the same time. This technique is ideal for off balancing your opponent and creating space to throw a knee down the center of your opponent.

Like most clinching techniques, having a good understanding of the basic techniques is important for you to be able to execute the move. As you pull your opponent down, your footwork needs to step off to the side at the same time. When you watch the video you will notice Petchboonchu’s footwork and arm pull are coordinated together.

If you are a beginner in the clinch, focus on your basics before trying to perform advanced clinching techniques. These techniques are good to know once you have a good understanding of the fundamentals of the clinch.

Special thanks to Petchboonchu for demonstrating this technique. If you want to train with Petchboonchu, you can learn more over at Evolve Vacation