When you catch your opponent’s kick, there are multiple techniques you can use to score points. The sweep is the most common method that people learn when you catch a kick. There are many types of sweeps you can perform, but the general concept of tripping your opponent after you catch their leg stays the same.

While a sweep can score you quick points on the judge’s scorecard, sometimes it is advantageous to try to control your opponent, so you can throw strikes.

It is important to remember, that you are only allowed to take two steps forward after you catch your opponent’s kick. If you try to run forward after a kick catch, that is a foul, and you can be disqualified if you hurt your opponent. While it is a foul to move forward with your opponent, you can hold your opponent’s leg and move back.

The following technique demonstrated by Petchboonchu showcases how you can control your opponent after you grab their leg.

Things to Consider

The key to this technique is controlling the back of your opponent’s neck. If you don’t have a good grip on your opponent, it will be difficult to control them.

Once you establish a grip around your opponent’s head, you have to pull down so you can off balance them. If you do not pull their head down, they will have good posture and will have good balance. Controlling the head of your opponent will make it difficult for your opponent to defend himself.

After you establish neck control, you need to circle out to the inside of your opponent and pull their neck down. This pulling motion makes it hard to stay on balance and can give you and opportunity to throw a knee, sweep, or release their leg and strike.

The pulling motion with the combination of your footwork is the key to the technique. If you don’t circle with your feet, it makes it easier for your opponent to regain the position and posture up.

Special thanks to Petchboonchu for demonstrating this technique. If you want to train with Petchboonchu, you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation to learn more.