Fairtex is a Muay Thai brand that has been dominating the Muay Thai market for the past few decades. Even when Muay Thai was relatively unknown to the Western world, Fairtex was a very popular brand among the hardcore Muay Thai enthusiasts around the world and in Thailand.

While Fairtex does offer a line of Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA shorts, their most popular items by far are their shorts. If you buy a pair of Fairtex MMA shorts, they don’t hold the same level of prestige as Fairtex Muay Thai shorts. Because Fairtex is synonymous for Muay Thai, you are better off getting their Muay Thai shorts if you want true value for your money.

People who are looking for a quality pair of Muay Thai shorts that will last should consider buying a few pairs of Fairtex shorts.

Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts


Fairtex muay thai shorts


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In this article, we will break down everything that you need to know about Fairtex shorts before you make a purchase decision. We will talk about some of the more common materials that are used in the manufacturing process and what kind of size you should purchase.

Quality of Material

The first thing we have to look at when selecting Muay Thai shorts is the material that is used. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the different materials, the more quality material is Satin, and the cheaper material is Nylon. If you purchase a cheap pair of shorts made from Nylon, you will notice that they are see-through when they get wet. This means that you better wear some stylish underwear if you plan on sweating a lot.

Fortunately for Fairtex fans, most Fairtex Muay Thai shorts are all made from higher quality Satin materials. This means that you won’t have to worry about any see through shorts and people looking at your underwear. There are a few Fairtex short designs that are made with Nylon materials, and the price is half of the regular Satin shorts. So anytime you see half priced Fairtex shorts, make sure you check the materials before you buy it.

Even though these shorts are more expensive compared to the cheaper brands out there, you will find that they do last longer than those other options.

Another issue that people encounter on shorts is the drawstrings being over stretched and losing their elasticity. This is something that can happen over time through natural wear and tear of the shorts. If you purchase cheaper shorts, you will find that they use thin strip elastic waist bands that can easily break or lose their stretch. The standard Fairtex shorts come with an 8-strip elastic waistband with a drawstring for an ideal fit.

How long you use your shorts, how often you wash your shorts, and the level of humidity you train in will all impact the life of your shorts.

Even the Fairtex waistbands are prone to be stretched if you have used them for years of regular wear and tear.

Overall, Fairtex offers shorts that are made with quality materials that are designed to last. While they are not cheap in price, the price can be justified when compared to some of the other cheaper brands out there.


It's hard to find Muay Thai Shorts that look this good.

It’s hard to find Muay Thai Shorts that look this good.

Fairtex has hands down some of the nicest Muay Thai short designs you will find on the market IF you want the simplistic look. The design of Fairtex Muay Thai shorts is simple, clean and premium. You don’t see too many fancy combinations; you will often see classic color combinations that work very well.

Fairtex vs Twins vs Top King vs Yokkao Muay Thai Short Designs

When you compare Fairtex Muay Thai shorts to other brands like Twins and Top Kings, I think Fairtex offers a few more interesting designs (i.e. minimalist) than their competition.

Keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so that some people might like the more aggressive brands out there.

If you want the opposite of simplistic, then you might want to go with Top King, which have the fanciest (and most pattern-heavy) styling. Yokkao Muay Thai shorts also feature fancy patterns.

Twins are sort of in between Fairtex and Top King for design complexity.

Most of the Fairtex shorts are two color toned like black and white, red and white, red and black, yellow and black, etc. Some of the shorts have a few simple designs that make them have a nice clean overall look.


Here is the sizing chart that Fairtex recommends for their shorts:Fairtex Sizing



I find this sizing chart an accurate estimation for choosing the right size of shorts.

However, I would choose the smaller of the sizes, if you are bordering one of the other. I am a size 31 waist and the Large size ways WAY too big for me. I would recommend you go down a size if you want a tighter fit that has a more classic Muay Thai look.

If you like to wear loose baggy shorts, then, by all means, you can go with a larger pair. However, most people slowly decrease the size of their shorts as they lose weight in training etc. I started off size 33; now I am a size 31 after shedding off 15 lbs of fat.

It depends on how you wear your shorts, but I always wear my shorts pretty tight with the sides rolled up, and the large size was too big for me. (Keep in mind I am pretty lean and don’t have much excess body fat)

If you own a pair of Fairtex shorts already then that is the easiest way to determine which size you should wear. However, if you don’t have the luxury of trying on a pair, I would order one pair of shorts first to make sure you get the right size, then you can go on and order more when you know you found the right one.

Maintaining your Muay Thai Shorts

When it comes to washing my Muay Thai shorts I wash it by hand. I never use the laundry machine because it can get caught up in the wash and get twisted around. Besides hand washing my shorts, I also let them air dry and don’t use the drying machine. I found that this gives them the best shelf life and prevents any accidental tears in the shorts.


The price of the Fairtex shorts will range from $35-$60 depending on the size of the shorts you buy and which model you choose. If you select a limited edition fancy designed pair of shorts, you may end up paying a little bit more. This is simply the price you pay to wear a pair of Yodsanklai designed Fairtex shorts.

When you compare the prices to other brands out there Fairtex is pretty much the same costs as Twins and Top King shorts. The difference comes down to what pair of shorts you think looks the best on you.

Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

Fairtex muay thai shorts

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While you might be able to find some cheaper brands out there, keep in mind that the materials used in the shorts make a big difference in the price of the shorts. If you use cheap materials, you will end up with a pair of shorts that doesn’t last you. Make sure you purchase Satin shorts if you want the best material possible.

Final Thoughts

Right now, there are dozens…maybe hundreds of different ‘thai brands’ of shorts you can buy.

Some of these shorts look pretty good, but after a few washes, fall apart. So there is something to be said about quality.

When it comes to Muay Thai shorts Fairtex, Twins and Top King offer the best choices in my opinion. You get style (each of these brands offers a slightly different take style-wise), comfort, and durability.

I STILL have some Fairtex Muay Thai shorts I bought way back in 2011 — over 5 years ago — when I first came to Thailand. And yes, I still use them in a pinch and the shorts have weathered the constant use pretty damn well.

The Best Shorts?

It really depends on what kind of styles you like and the fit of the shorts. I have found that Fairtex fits a little bit bigger than other brands (that is a personal opinion), so I would keep that in mind when you are trying on a new pair of shorts.

While most of Fairtex shorts are made with quality Satin material, they do offer a few cheaper versions that are made with Nylon. If you notice a pair of Fairtex shorts that are half the price as other versions, the difference is in the material used for the shorts. I suggest you spend the extra money and get shorts made from higher quality materials.

At the end of the day it really comes down to your own preference and taste. I like Fairtex because it is a brand that represents Muay Thai. If you train Muay Thai, you should use Muay Thai shorts in training and avoid using MMA shorts because they don’t represent your fighting style.