If you are a fan of exciting back and forth fights, this fight between Damien vs Phet is one to watch. I was lucky enough to be at the stadium for this fight and I can say that atmosphere inside was even more electric than the video shows. A few weeks after this fight Damien would go on to win the Lumpinee Title, becoming the second foreigners ever to accomplish that feat.

In this fight, hundreds of locals came out to support the Thai fighter who was considered a 50/50 match for the French star. Known for his elbows, Phet Sa Nguan was no easy walkover for the future Lumpinee champion.

If you haven’t seen this fight before do yourself a favor and watch the entire fight. It is Muay Thai at its best.

Watching fights like these make me hopeful Damien will eventually come out of retirement. One day……………