In a rematch of Channel 7’s 2015 fight of the year (ฤทธิ์เทวดา ส.นิภาพร vs ยอดพนมรุ้ง จิตรเมืองนนท์), Littewada Sittikun faced off against his opponent, Yodphanamroong, who won the fight by KO. That was a very disappointing loss for Littewada because he climbed the ranks to the top before he suffered the defeat.

In their last fight, Littewada was winning the fight until his opponent made a huge comeback in the fourth round, scoring heavy knees that ended up dropping Littewada. Towards the end of that fight Littewada’s cardio looked questionable, as he wasn’t able to withstand the onslaught from his opponent.

If you haven’t watched that fight yet, make sure you watch this two minute video that showcases the final round of his last loss.

Littewada (blue) vs Yodphanamroong (red) – (Channel 7 Fight of the Year 2015)

The Rematch

This fight was highly anticipated because Littewada has since when on to beat a lot of big names in the sport including Pakorn and Yodwicha. Now that he has fought abroad twice in the past year, he is on the radar of many fight fans around the world.

Given the the previous TKO loss against Yodphanamroon, Littewada was eager to show his fans that he could beat this opponent that has given him problems in the past.

Full Fight: Littewada (red) vs Yodphanamroon (blue)

Thoughts on the Fight (Spoiler Alert!)

This fight played out exactly how I thought the outcome should have gone when they fought last year. Littewada controlled the tempo of the fight and completely out skilled his opponent for the easy win.

Littewada is a fighter who possesses such a high degree of skill and timing and the is a difficult matchup for anyone. His recent victory against Yodwicha showcases that he can beat the best clinchers in the sport.

Keep an eye out for Littewada as he continues to grow his career and become more popular around the world. He is definitely someone who you should start following.