This fight featuring Seksan vs. Songkom has one of the most intense 3rd rounds you will see in Muay Thai. Both fighters go toe to toe in a low kick battle that will leave you wondering which fighter will give up first. The mental toughness and determination displayed by both fighters is impressive in its own right.

All of you low kickers out there, take some notes.

Video Credit: Muay Ties 

My Thoughts – Brief Analysis

Given how aggressive Seksan (RED)  is when he fights, it was surprising to see him back pedaling at the start of the 3rd round. Seksan looked like he was ready to go down at many moments in that round.

Songkom (BLUE) showcased a valiant effort to try and put Seksan away with those leg kicks, unfortunately, he ended up gassing himself out in the process. Once his tank ran out of gas, it opened up the door for Seksan to exact revenge and go after Songkom’s legs.

At the end of the 3rd round, the winner of the fight was already decided. Songkom looked tired the rest of the fight and fought like a fighter who had been defeated already. After he failed to finish Seksan in the third, he looked like he didn’t have enough juice left in the tank to win the fight.

The Importance of Pacing Yourself

One of the reasons why you don’t see exciting rounds like this very often is because they they are very taxing on fighters. If you  throw all your eggs in one basket and fail to end the fight, you will be in danger of burning yourself out before the fight is over. I have seen this happen to countless fighters who don’t pace themselves in a fight. Fighters do everything they can in the first few rounds to win, but end up forgeting that a fight is 5 rounds.

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Developing pace throughout a fight is a skill in itself. Unless there is a clear shot of a KO (it did look like Seksan was hurt in the 3rd), it is better to pick your shots, rather than to go all out and try to win the fight.

The 4th and 5th rounds of this fight were very anticlimactic compared to the 3rd round. It was very apparent that after the third round Songkom was already tired and hurting from the intense round of action. His game plan for the rest of the fight was to clinch Seksan, something that is difficult to do when you are very tired.

Fortunately for fight fans, that 3rd round makes up for the rest of the fight. When it comes to low kicking wars, it doesn’t get any better than this.