Glory 19

Glory 19 was a fight card that was stacked with some of the best fighters in the world of Kickboxing. Right now Glory is by far the most lucrative promotion for stand up fighters around the world. Their recent fight card featured some great highlight reel knockouts, unfortunately many of which were not available for the live TV audience.

Raymond was able to catch his first opponent plenty of times with this spinning kick.

Raymond was able to catch his first opponent plenty of times with this spinning kick.

The main event of the Glory card was a 4 man welterweight tournament that was the highlight of the show. In the first round of the tournament, Raymond Daniels finished his opponent Jonotan Oliveira with his trade mark spinning back kicks in the second round and Nieky Holzken edged out Alexander Stetcurenko in a close fight on points.

The tournament finals featured Nieky Holzken vs the one-trick-pony Raymond Daniels. This was an entertaining fight that showcased the effectiveness of good pressure against a distance fighter who needs space to be effective. The end result was an easy victory for the Dutch champion as he dropped the American fighter Raymond for the fourth time of the fight, ending the fight in the 3rd round by TKO.

The heavy weight title fight featured Dutch champion Rico Verhoeven vs the heavy hitter Errol Zimmerman.  This fight did not live up to the hype as the Dutch Champion Verhoeven easily had his way with Zimmerman before the fight ending injury. Zimmerman looked completely gassed in the second round and was outclassed from the start to finish.

Zimmerman is a big hitter who swings for the fences, hoping to catch his opponents in his fights. In the second round Zimmerman missed a back kick and popped his knee out, giving Rico Verhoeven the official win due to injury.

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The ending of this fight was a little bizarre as the referee took a few minutes to wave off the fight, even as Zimmerman lied on the ground clutching his knee unable to move. Any other referee would have simply waved off the fight immediately, but this ref took his sweet time before he realized Zimmerman could not continue.

In the co-main event Joe Schilling absolutely destroyed young Canadian Robert Thomas. From the start to finish, Robert really didn’t have much of a chance against Joe. as Joe’s superior boxing skills made it difficult for Robert to really land anything effective. I give credit to Robert for sticking in the fight for 3 rounds, even though he was completely outclassed, he showed a lot of heart and definitely has a bright future in fighting.

The other fight on the televised card featured a couple of amateur fighters who looked like they had no business in the ring. This fight was billed as US NAVY vs AIR FORCE should not have been on TV. Both of these guys looked sloppy and need another few years of training before they are ready to be on the main draws.

Here is the full fight results below:

Televised Event (Spike TV)

Heavyweight Belt: Rico Verhoeven def. Errol Zimmerman via KO R2

Welterweight Finals: Nieky Holzken def. Raymond Daniels via KO R3

Joe Schilling def. Robert Thomas via UD (30-26)

Cedric Smith def. James Hurley via KO R2

Welterweight Semifinal: Nieky Holzken def. Alexander Stetcurenko via UD (29-28)

Welterweight Semifinal: Raymond Daniels def. Jonatan Oliveira, KO R2

Non Televised Event:

Andy Ristie def. Steve Moxon via KO R1

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Xavier Vigney def. Everett Sims via KO R1

Josh Jauncey def. Max Baumert via KO R3

Brian Collette def. Myron Dennis via UD

Francois Ambang def. Stephen Richards KO