In this week’s edition of training with champions Nong-O from Evolve MMA demonstrates how to do a basic inside leg sweep. This is a technique that is commonly used by most fighters and is very effective in sweeping your opponent off balance.

The key to the inside leg sweep is to wait for your opponent to throw a knee and then to execute the sweep. In a single motion you pull your opponent the opposite direction that he knees and sweep his non-kneeing leg off balance. This is a technique that requires a combination of speed and coordination to execute effectively.

Like any other sweeping technique, it is important for you to try and catch your opponent off balanced. If your opponent is expecting you to try and sweep him, he can counter balance and your sweep will be useless.

Here is the full demonstration by Nong-O:

The Importance of Practice

Like any other technique you utilize in Muay Thai it is important for you to drill it over and over until the technique becomes second nature. When you first start out trying to learn the inside leg sweep, work with a partner and break it down step by step.

You can check out some of Nong-O‘s other sweep techniques over at our video page here.

After you can perform this sweep at a slow pace, you can work on it when you are clinching. With enough practice in the clinch you will eventually develop the right timing and know when you should execute the sweep. If you try to do this sweep when you opponent is balanced, you will end up barely moving him at all.

Waiting for that right moment when your opponent is slightly off balanced is important if you want to execute the sweep. Start off practicing this sweep against beginners who are not expecting it, then work your way to advanced guys.

If you are facing an opponent who is much shorter than you, this sweep will be easier to pull off because you will have more leverage to throw them down. Conversely, if you are trying to sweep a taller opponent, it will be harder because you won’t have as much leverage as you will against someone shorter than you.

This is a sweep that every fighter uses in the clinch. If you can add this technique to your arsenal, it can really help your overall clinch game. This is one of the many effective sweeps you can utilize inside the Muay Thai clinch.

Remember to be patient and to always try to wait for your opponent to throw his knee, before sweeping off his other feet.

Special thanks to Nong-O for demonstrating this technique in the video.

If you want to learn from Nong-O you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation. He’s an excellent fighter who has years of experience competing against the top competition in the world. Great guy to learn from.