Every once in a while you see a fight that completely blows your mind. This fight between Tenshin and Wanchalong showcased a talented Japanese fighter vs. the Lumpinee champion. Known for his aggression, this was a fight that I expected Wanchalong to take from the start.

Tenshin vs. Wanchalong – Skip to 9 minute mark for KO

Thanks to Himemoto Kakeru for posting the fight

Thoughts on the fight:

This may be the first time I’ve seen a Lumpinee Champion being knocked out by a foreigner. I know there are a lot of retired and ex champions who are past their prime who lose to foreigners all the time, but a Thai fighter in his prime is very rare.

That was probably the best spinning back kick I have ever seen. That speed and precision of the kick was next level. There was no time to react to the kick. It was simply back luck on the part of Wanchalong.

While you may be tempted to start training your spinning kicks after watching that fight, the reality is that Japanese fighter probably spent about 20 years perfecting that kick. So don’t expect to be able to replicate it over night.

It is never good seeing a fighter hurt in a fight. I hope Wanchalong has a speedy recovery and doesn’t suffer any long term effects from the knockout. It was a very hard shot.