This is one of the most bizarre sequences of events I have scene in an amateur fight. You never want to see someone get hurt in a fight, but it’s hard to feel bad for this guy, considering he was trying to kick his opponent who had just fallen down.

The clip starts off near the end of the 3rd round of the fight. The taller fighter was winning the fight up until this point of the fight. Check it out below:

Video Credit: Dave Oblas

For those of you that wanted to see this again here is the gif below:

The fight itself is pretty uneventful. A couple amateur guys slugging it out in the ring for a few rounds before this incident. The taller fighter definitely has more training than his opponent, throwing a lot more Muay Thai techniques throughout the fight. Since both of these guys don’t have much experience, you shouldn’t expect too much.

bizzare fallAfter the takedown by the referee, the injured fighter actually gets up after a couple of minutes and finishes the last minute of the fight. It is always a good sign when you are able to stand up after what looked like a bad knee injury.

This fight video was a fan submission from Alberto who wanted to know if the referee did the right thing in the fight. The short answer was yes, the fighter in blue is not allowed to kick a downed fighter so the ref had every right to block him from throwing the kick.

This is definitely something that you don’t see happen everyday.