Muay Thai is a sport that is unforgiving for those who make mistakes. You could be having the perfect fight, but one stupid mistake is all it takes for a fight to take a turn for the worst.

Head kick knockouts are been increasing in the past few years, especially in Thailand. Any time you drop your guard for a brief second, there is a window of opportunity for a head kick to land.

This fight is a classic example of the typical pace of a Muay Thai fight in Thailand. For the first 2 rounds both fighters feel each other out, trading kicks and punches. By the end of the second round, the more technical fighter will usually start sitting back and letting his opponent engage first.

Once the third round starts, the fighter who is down on points will start increasing the pressure in an attempt to change the tide of the fight. This is where you start to see the matchup between Skill vs Aggression.

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The Fight Video (Starting in the Third Round):

A Costly Mistake

The fighter in red made the classic mistake of assuming his opponent was kicking to his body. When he drops the guard, he exposes his head to his opponent.

This fight showcases why you should always keep your hands up in a fight. A simple mistake like this can be very costly, especially if you are facing a skilled opponent.

Notice how the Red fighter drops his hands slightly to check an expected body kick. That brief moment gives the blue fighter the opening to land the head kick.

It is important to give credit to the Blue fighter for effectively setting up his head kick. Prior to throwing the head kick, he throws a series of hard body kicks that land on the Red fighter’s forearms. When the Blue fighter throws the head kick, the Red fighter cheats his hand down because he is expecting another hard body kick.

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