This fight between Pichitchai vs Yodsaenchern is an action pact bout that features a couple of high level fighters from Bangkok going to war. While most fights in Bangkok tend to be very technical affairs that include a lot of clinching, this fight has a lot of fireworks throughout.

Pichitchai PK. Saenchaimuaythaigym is a top level fighter in Bangkok that is known for his pressure. Throughout the fight he applies pressure with his aggressive punches and kicks. Watch the full fight below.

Video Credit: Timo Ruge from MuayTies

My Thoughts (Spoilers)

This was a fast paced fight that featured a technical fighter on the defensive against the aggressive PichitchaiPichitchai’s style of fighting is similar to the Sitmonchai camp. He likes to throw a lot of heavy low kicks and punches and has bad intentions written all over his attacks.

It was very clear from the start of the bell that his intentions were to end the fight by knockout. From the get go he came forward and didn’t allow his opponent to dictate the pace of the fight. Knowing that he needed to put pressure in order to win the fight, he went to work right away on the technical Yodsaenchern.

The constant pressure by Pichitchai was enough to eventually catch Yosaenchern with a punch the went right through his guard.

This finishing combination was a result of good positioning in the ring, as Yodsaenchern was backed up against the ropes. Instead of circling out of the ropes, Yodsaenchern didn’t have anywhere to go when Pichitchai came through with that combination.

While Yodsaenchern had a pretty good guard throughout the fight, one punch to the chin was enough for him to lose the fight. Muay Thai is a game of inches and one mistake is all of it takes to end up asleep on the canvas.