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Lion muay thai gym

Lion Muay Thai is a gym that is located in Rawai a few hundred meters down the road from Sinbi Muay Thai. They have been known to provide sponsorship opportunities to high level fighters, so usually there are a few good fighters who are representing the gym.

There is usually a strong middle Eastern presence at Lion Muay Thai because of the ownership and Muslim community around the area. That being said, there are people from all around the world who train here.

If you try and search Lion Muay Thai in google the domain has turned into a Phuket Top Team advertisement. It seems like an old employee who owned the domain was not happy about something and wanted to hurt the gym financially. I’m sure this has hurt their business as a website is very important for gaining customers to the gym.


The location of Lion Muay Thai is its best feature. Located just down the road from Sinbi Muay Thai, there is an excellent Muslim breakfast restaurant that is at the beginning of their road. This is a great place to eat fried eggs, Rotti and have a coffee after training. Besides the good food, the prices at this place are as cheap as you will find in Thailand.

In addition to the good muslim restaurant located right on site, there is an extremely good running path that you can take which loops around the Nai Harn lake for an easy 7km run. If you want to do a shorter run there is another 4.4k trail you can take which is another good option.

The area of Nai Harn has a lot of great Western and Thai restaurants that will ensure that you can get your food fix no matter what you crave. There are a lot of massage places to go to as well, just be careful of the ones that have sex workers disguised as massage girls.

The gym is about an hour ride away (depends on traffic) from the airport by taxi and it costs around 1000 baht to get there. It is about a 10 minute motorbike away from the Nai Harn beach which is a very popular destination for beach lovers.

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Overall, the location of the gym is top notch and one of the strongest features it has.


Lion Muay Thai follows the same training routines that most of the camps in Thailand use. They start off with a run before class followed by stretching, shadow boxing, bag work, pads, sparring, conditioning and cool down exercises.

Lion muay thai fighterThey offer Muay Thai classes from 8-10 am in the mornings and 4-6 pm in the evenings. Monday, Wednesday and Friday they have pure boxing classes that start at 6-7 pm in the evenings.

An additional feature that the gym offers is Western Boxing classes that are taught by a Russian coach from Ukraine. His resume looks pretty good on paper, so if you are into Western Boxing this would definitely be something that you might want to consider. Keep in mind that the Western Boxing could change in the future, so contact their management to confirm this coach is still teaching before you book.

In the past, Lion used to have a huge stable of fighters that they sponsored. However, just like every other gym in Thailand the fighters all come and go after a few years, so you never know who will be training there until you arrive. Lion seems to attract the more hardcore fighter types who have a bit of a rough edge to them. If you plan on training here you can view their social media to see who is training at the gym when you arrive.


Lion Muay Thai offers accommodation on site that is on the gym premises. The rooms are pretty basic that feature a double bed, WiFi and TV, so don’t expect anything fancy if you stay on site. The prices range from 20,000 baht in the low season to 26,000 baht in the high season per month. This includes your training fees as well.

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The area of Rawai has a huge selection of pretty good accommodation options that are available. I would recommend you look at off site options because you won’t have to wake up every morning hearing guys yelling and hitting pads. However, if you are the lazy type who has a hard time training then on site is definitely a good option.


  • Great Location
  • Good Muslim Restaurant in front of the camp
  • Western Boxing taught by a Ukrainian
  • Offer sponsorships to good fighters


  • Constantly changing management/fighters etc.
  • In the past there have been some shady guys training here

Final Thoughts

Lion Muay Thai is a gym that has a great location that is situated almost a stones throw away from Sinbi Muay Thai. The past 5 years has seen some major management changes at the gym and there have been a lot of issues with fighters etc. Needless to say there has been a lot of “issues” they have dealt with in the past.

That being said, they always sponsor some pretty decent fighters, so if you are looking for some good training partners this could be an option. Now they are making a big push towards the Russian market with all of their posts being in English and Russian. T

Lion Muay Thai used to offer MMA and a number of other stuff, but the Muay Thai is the one thing that has remained consistent over the years. The smaller class sizes are a nice alternative to people who don’t like going to busy gyms in the area.

I won’t comment on whether or not you should train here because that is purely up to you. Like I said before, the fighters and trainers are always changing at every gym, so make sure you look online to see who is there if you plan on staying here.

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