Maximum FitnessMaximum Muay Thai, Fitness & Combat Center is a gym that is located in one of the busiest parts of Thailand: Patong Beach. The gym offers a full range of programs that you can choose from including: Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, Submission Grappling, Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit and  Yoga. If you are looking for a gym that boasts a full commercial fitness facility on site of the gym then Maximum is your place.

The facilities are fairly new and the gym has a full MMA cage, two boxing rings, a BJJ area and an assortment of different heavy bags. It is a competitor of some of the other MMA gyms on the island like Tiger and PTT; however, they did a good job of situating themselves apart from the competition location wise.

Maximum Muay Thai is home to a number of quality fighters who are constantly fighting in the Phuket circuit. This is great for people looking to find an Muay Thai/MMA gym that has a lot of decent guys to spar with. If you are looking to find a gym in the heart of Patong, this is definitely a good option for you.


Don't worry about finding a gym when you are here

Don’t worry about finding a gym when you are here

This gym is situated right next to Patong Beach. You have a view of the Beach through windows of the gym while you are training. People who visit Patong either love it or hate it. Anyone who is looking for a good two week holiday in Thailand and wants to party, Patong is your place. Because Patong is the most touristy place in all of Thailand, it can be an acquired taste.

In terms of location it is situated right along the beach, something that most gyms won’t offer you. You can literally finish training and then go running into the beach after. When you leave the gym you will be surrounded by shops, massage parlors, bars, restaurants and tourists.

If you have never been to Patong before you should probably book a few days and see if you like the area. People with families and traveling as a couple will probably opt to go to more quieter areas in Phuket. If you are a single guy looking to have a good holiday when you are down in Phuket, then Patong is probably your best option for excitement and finding a new “friend” for your holiday.


Maximum Fitness and Combat Center offers accommodation at their very own Maximum Guest House which is situated about 5 minutes from the gym. All of the rooms are fully equipped with everything that you need to make your vacation enjoyable including: wifi, room service, hot showers, and king sized beds. It is situated in a less crowded area than the beach so it’s a good break from some of the more busier areas of Patong.


Great training facilities at Maximum

Great training facilities at Maximum

The trainers at Maximum Fitness & Combat Center are very experienced. Most of them have been working at different gyms before and speak good English. A lot of the trainers also fight for the gym regularly and have fought 300+ times in the ring. The Muay Thai training takes place everyday between 9-11am and 4-6pm in the afternoon with a break on Sunday.

The gym offers a number of different classes that are scheduled throughout the day including MMA/BJJ, Yoga, Zumba, and Crossfit classes. People who are looking to try the various classes can see the full schedule of the training that is listed on their website.


  • Situated right along the Beach – This is a great location where you can literally train and jump in the ocean right after
  • Right in the Heart of Patong – Very busy tourist area that has everything you could imagine. Whether you are looking for a good restaurant or want to have a good night out, Patong has it all.
  • Accommodation – The offer accommodation that is 5 minutes away from the camp
  • Active Fighters in Local Circuits – They have a lot of guys who are constantly fighting for the gym at the various stadiums in Phuket
  • Commercial Gym on Location – Don’t worry about signing up for a gym membership. Maximum as a full commercial sized gym on site.


  • Busy location – If you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet on your holiday then choose somewhere else
  • Not an “Authentic” Muay Thai Camp – This is foreigner run camp – which is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t have a traditional Muay Thai feel to the camp.
  • Very Large Camp – Don’t expect to be one of the only people training here. They have a lot going on at Maximum Fitness Combat Center

Overall this is a good gym for people who are looking to train MMA/BJJ and Muay Thai. A lot of the guys training here come from an MMA background. It is a good alternative to the other MMA gyms like Tiger, Phuket Top Team, and the new AKA Thailand. If you are in Patong you should definitely check this place out and see if you like it.

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