In this week’s edition of ‘Training with Champions’ Lumpinee champion Nong-O demonstrates how to do the front push sweep in the clinch. Nong-O is a fighter who is known for his technical skill and has competed against the best fighters for over a decade. He has fought all of the best guys in the sport including legends like Saenchai multiple times.

This sweep that Nong-O teaches is a very effective clinching sweep that can be used when your opponent is throwing at knee at you. While most sweeps require you to pull your opponent to the side, this sweep may catch your opponent off guard by throwing them forward.

Here is the sweeping technique:

My Thoughts

This is a highly effective clinching technique that can be used when you have an opponent who is throwing knees at you. The key to executing this sweep is to have good arm position and timing. If you try to push your opponent at the wrong time, the sweep will not work.

You need to wait at the exact moment your opponent is off balanced throwing a knee and then push and sweep his leg that is on the ground. Your hands and your foot have to be coordinated at the same time for this sweep to be effective.

Once you develop the timing this can be another great tool that you can add to your overall clinching game. Try not to overuse any sweeping technique otherwise your opponent will figure you out and will learn how to counter that sweep.

Beginner Tip* If you are new to Muay Thai or new to the clinch then don’t worry about trying to pull of techniques like this. Focus on your arm positioning, balance and basic knees. Trying to skip ahead to sweeps and throws when you don’t know the basics of clinching is like trying to learn skateboarding tricks before you can even balance on a skateboard.

Unfortunately you have to learn steps A, B, and C before you can do step D. Trying to learn advanced sweeps without having a good base will only create sloppy habits and bad technique. Learn the basics first and then worry about trying to pull of different sweeps.

If you want to learn any technique the key is to practice. Continuous practice with a partner will help you develop the timing necessary to pull off the technique. Remember that without timing you will not be able to effectively pull off any of the techniques you are working with.

Always focus on one or two things at a time, until you have repeated those techniques enough times to cement them into your brain. If you work on this technique a few times and don’t use it again, you will never learn how to do it. If you don’t use it in training, you will never use it in a fight.

If you want to train or book a private with Nong-O you can check him out over at Evolve Vacation. Stay tuned for next weeks video where Nong-O teaches me another effective technique that you can use in the clinch.