One of the reasons we created Muay Thai Pros back in 2012 was to help bridge the knowledge gap for those we don’t have access to world-class Muay Thai. In the last few years, we have written hundreds of articles ranging from different topics like Strategy, fight breakdowns, training, techniques and gear reviews.

While you might not get a chance to read every article we write, there are some core ones that you should read.

The following are some of the must-read articles from 2017. Bookmark this page and go through each article on the list when you get a chance. It is well worth it.

#1. How to Beat an Aggressive Fighter – Winning the Mental Battle

How to Beat an Aggressive Fighter – Winning the Mental Battle

For those of you who like to read strategy articles, this one is for you. This article talks about some of the mental games that aggressive fighters utilize in the ring and how you can beat them. While I don’t talk too much about specific techniques, I break down the mental concepts you need to understand when you face a skilled aggressive fighter.

This article is for anyone who likes counter tactics and ring strategies.

#2. The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Better Muay Thai Competition

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Better Muay Thai Competition

If you want to take your game to the next level you need to surround yourself with people who can push you. This article breaks down the importance of making the trip to Thailand to take your skills to the next level. By surrounding yourself with top level competition, you will be able to push yourself.

#3. 7 Offensive Skills that High-Level Muay Thai Fighters Possess

7 Offensive Skills that High Level Muay Thai Fighters Possess

If you ever wondered what separates the excellent fighter from the elite ones, this article breaks down some key differences you can look for. Each technique features a GIF that showcases the top fighters in the world executing techniques with perfect timing and rhythm. Perfecting these skills take years of training and working on your timing.

#4. The Dangers of Developing Bad Habits in Muay Thai – A Real Life Example

The Dangers of Developing Bad Habits in Muay Thai – A Real Life Example

We are all guilty of bad habits. In Muay Thai, a bad habit can lead to a costly knockout if you don’t try to correct that pattern. This article breaks down a fight that showcases a fighter who has a terrible habit of catching kicks, which ends up costing him the match.

It is a great article to read to see why you should try to minimize the bad habits that you have in the sport.

#5. The Ultimate Guide to the Muay Thai Teep

The Ultimate Guide to the Teep (Part 1): Why You Should Master the Teep

This 5 part series on the Muay Thai teep breaks down everything that you need to know about one of the most effective weapons in Muay Thai. Whether you are an experienced fighter or just starting out, there are many nuances to the teep that you might not be aware of. This is an excellent read for anyone who wants to learn how to master the teep and learn how to teach it effectively.

#6. The 5 Defensive Skills that High-Level Muay Thai Fighters Possess

5 Defensive Skills That Are Essential In Muay Thai

In the world of fighting, offensive is what sells tickets. People want to see knockouts and don’t care about fighter show possess excellent defensive skills. However, as a fighter, the defense should be your number one priority. A good defense will frustrate the best offensive fighters. If you can learn to block, evade or parry all of the incoming strikes, you will put yourself ahead of your competition.

This article is a must-read for anyone who wants to take their defensive game to another level and see what skills are necessary for a good defense.

#7. Taking Responsibility for Your Own Muay Thai Development

Taking Responsibility For Your Muay Thai Development

One of the most common things that happen after a fighter loses a fight is they blame people around them. Some fighters blame their losses on their weight cut, diet, training, injuries and everything in between as to why they lost a fight. Well, there could be a million reasons why you lost, it is the fighters who take responsibility for their loss and learn from it that can come back even stronger.

If you currently aren’t training at a gym, you like or don’t have a trainer you like, find someone else. Your Muay Thai journey is your responsibility. So if you don’t like something, it is up to you to make a change.

#8. Muay Thai Sparring Tips that Will Change Your Game

5 Muay Thai Sparring Tips That Will Improve Your Game

Of course, there had to be a sparring article that made this list, so here it is. This article breaks down some essential concepts that you should understand when you spar, to help you get the most out of sparring. If you follow these principles, you will be able to maximize your growth as you train.

#9. Learning to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Fundamentals

Learning To Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Fundamentals

As you progress in your Muay Thai journey, it is easy to lose sight of the goal and get distracted. You can get sidetracked by useless techniques that you will never use in a fight, or you can stay focused on the key things that will make you better. Too many people focus on parts of their game that are not important, instead of working on their fundamentals.

Your fundamentals are going are used 95% of the time. By understanding that your entire offensive and defensive game is based on good fundamentals, you will be able to work at improving your overall game.

#10. The Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai Training for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai Training for Beginners

This article provides a complete breakdown of everything you should know about Muay Thai when you first get started. It is the perfect article you can use as a reference when you want to get somebody into the sport. Anyone who is just beginning Muay Thai should read this article to give themselves a good crash course in the sport.

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