“Anyone SERIOUS about Muay Thai can benefit greatly!”

My complete set of books specifically designed to teach you all everything you need to know about Muay Thai Strategy and Countering Your Opponent, including specific strategies to counter every fighting style you will encounter.

Learn How To Counter your NEXT Opponent

How do you beat an opponent who has more SKILL, STRENGTH, EXPERIENCE, SPEED, REACH or STAMINA?

The Answer Lies In Your Strategy…

Listen, I am not going to lie to you and pretend that you can beat anyone just because you “know how to beat them.”

However, knowing how to beat someone is the first step to winning.

While skill, conditioning, power, experience and mental toughness all play important roles in determining the outcome of a fight, strategy is the key that ties all of these aspects together and allows them to work in unison.



If you watch enough Muay Thai fights, the one thing you will notice is the better fighter doesn’t always win. Many times the superior fighter starts off winning the early rounds, but loses the fight.

You can have all the skill in the world, but if you don’t have the right Strategy you will lose…

A perfect example of strategy is when you watch Saenchai fight.

Technically speaking, Saenchai is the best fighter in the world by a mile. Never has there been a fighter who has better speed, timing and technique than Saenchai.

Given his technical advantages, it might surprise you to hear that Saenchai loses a lot of his fights against his Thai opponents.

How does the best fighter in the world lose to less skilled opponents?

His opponents have a WINNING Strategy to beat him

“The difference between Winning and Losing often comes down to Strategy”





MUAY THAI STRATEGYA Guide to Developing the Fundamentals of Muay Thai Strategy

Muay Thai Stategy RESIZE CORRECT

Muay Thai Strategy is the COMPLETE strategy guide designed to walk you through the entire process of developing a SUCCESSFUL strategy in Muay Thai.

It covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics like scoring, counter tactics, and dozens of visual guides showing techniques.

“Learn why Strategy is Essential for Success in Muay Thai”

Each chapter is designed to guide you through the essential building blocks of Muay Thai and help you to develop a complete game. Full of my own personal stories and experiences from years of living, training, fighting in Thailand, this book is designed from ground up to help you understand what it takes to develop Strategy – for beginners to advanced practitioners of Muay Thai.

There’s over 125 pages of essential strategy that will change your game for good.

  • LEARN The Fundamentals of Muay Thai  – Learn the KEY skills you will need to perfect in order to develop a solid foundation
  • LEARN The Art of Winning – Understand the difference between scoring in Thailand vs. scoring in the West…and WHY you should always fight for points in a match
  • LEARN The Power of the Mind – Learn HOW to Develop an unbreakable mind-set inside and outside the ring
  • LEARN How to Understand Fighting Styles – Learn the common types of Muay Thai fighting styles…and HOW TO FIND your very own style best suited to you
  • LEARN How to Improve Your Skill Set – Learn exactly how to IMPROVE your technical skill set with our training and VISUAL technique guide
  • LEARN How to Develop Through Sparring – Learn just why sparring is crucial to the development of your skills…and absorb specific sparring tips and drills you should use to improve beyond what you thought possible
  • LEARN The Importance of Thinking – Learn how to fight smart in the ring…and win through strategy
  • LEARN How to Analyze Your Next Opponent – Learn how to analyze your opponents and capitalize on their weaknesses…and beat them!

If you are looking to Counter your next opponent…


MUAY THAI COUNTERSThe Complete Guide to Countering Your Next Opponent

Muay Thai Counters RESIZE
Muay Thai counters is a complete guide that breaks down every opponent you can face in Muay Thai, and gives you specific strategies to counter those opponents
“The most COMPLETE strategy breakdown you will ever READ”
Whether you are looking how to deal with aggressive fighters who push forward or defensive fighters who sit on their back foot, Muay Thai Counters breaks down 14 different types of Opponents you will encounter.
“I think Stephen holds a great advantage over many people who get to train in Thailand. That advantage is that he is there full time. He has seen it all. He has seen thousands of people who make their way to train in Thailand and witnessed first hand what they are missing from their game.”Lanny Chan

If you have trouble facing different opponents when you spar, this book is exactly what you need.

It walks you through every single style you will encounter.

Each chapter breaks down the fighting style, talking about their strengths and weakness, and also details specific counters strategies you can use against them.

“To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”Sun Tzu

Traditional Styles
  • The Aggressive Fighter – Sick of getting beat by people who use aggression to overwhelm you? This guide will tell you how to counter an aggressive fighter
  • The Counter Fighter – Are you sick of counter fighters always landing the last hit in sparring? Learn how to beat one of the most technical opponents you can face in the ring.
  • The Clinch Fighter – The clinch fighter is one of the most difficult opponents to counter because of their pressure. This guide will teach you what to do if you encounter one.
  • The Swarmer – If you ever face a swarmer you will know what it is like to face pressure. This guide helps you combat some of their aggression.
  • The Evasive Fighter – Evasive fighters are a real pain. Fortunately, most of you reading this will never encounter one. Regardless of this fact, I break down how you can beat them.
  • The Knee Fighter – The knee fighter is rarely seen outside of Thailand, however, it is an extremely difficult style to face. You will learn how to counter these fighters when you face them.

You will also learn how to counter more specialized styles

Specialized Fighting Styles
  • The Low Kicker – There are a lot of good Low Kickers in Muay Thai. If you ever face one, you better know how to counter them effectively or you will be in pain.
  • The Elbower – A lot of inexperienced fighters are scared of elbows. In fact, I used to be scared of them before I got 30 stitches worth of cuts. This guide breaks down how to Counter good Elbow Fighters
  • The Head Kicker – Head kicker is not very common, but if you ever encounter one you better have good defense. This guide will show you what to expect and give you examples of these opponents.
  • The Rusher – The Rusher is a style of fighting that you will often see used by amateurs and people who have little experience. They are easily beaten if you have the right strategy.
  • The Power Puncher – The Power Puncher packs a massive punch. You better know how to counter them if you don’t want to get knocked out.
  • The Kicker – These fighters have unreal timing and are great at body kicks. You had better be prepared to eat a few kicks when you face these fighters.

Just in case you come across other fighting styles…

Non Traditional Styles
  • The Kickboxer – Kickboxers can be very dangerous because they have a different rhythm and timing than Muay Thai. This breakdown will show you how to effectively counter them.
  • The Taekwondo Fighter – A good Taekwondo fighter can be very effective with their flashy kicks. You need to learn how to effectively counter them with this guide.
  • The Karate Fighter – Lyoto Machida proved that Karate can be a tricky style to counter. This breakdown covers everything you need to know.

You will also learn how to counter the dreaded Southpaw and Reach Advantages

Other Advantages
  • Taller Fighters – A lot of people have problems facing taller opponents who have reach.This breakdown will give you all the tips you need to effectively counter bigger opponents.
  • Shorter Fighters – Shorter fighters often have inherent advantages that you might not realize. This breakdown will give you the tools you need to beat shorter opponents.
  • Southpaw Fighters – Southpaw fighters have inherent advantages because they know how to fight orthodox fighters. This guide will help balance the playing field and give you tips to counter the pesky Southpaw fighters.

In each breakdown there are video clip demonstrations give FIGHT examples of the concepts I talk about…

In addition to the video clips throughout, there are also pictures illustrating different techniques being used


Get Access to BOTH Strategy Books for one Low Price

The Strategy Bundle gives you access to both Muay Thai Strategy and Muay Thai Counters, so you don’t have to choose which one is right for you.
“For less than 1/3 of the cost of training at a regular Muay Thai gym, you can get years worth of wisdom in this Strategy Bundle”

Each book is designed to complement the other as Muay Thai Strategy is a traditional book that is designed to be read from start to finish, while the Counters book is designed as a manual to counter any opponent you will face


You also get…

FIGHT & WIN: A Guide to Winning Your Next Fight

Fight and Win RESIZE
Fight & Win is a 40 page bonus guide that is designed preparing you for success in your first few fights. If you ever want to fight in the future, have a fight coming up, or want to know what it is like preparing for a fight, this book is for you.
“A great resource for anyone who is preparing for a fight”

This book will walk you through everything you need to know as you prepare for a Muay Thai fight. It is a short read that is designed to prepare you mentally for everything you will encounter during a fight.

In Review….

These are your options:



  • Bonus: FIGHT & WIN
  • Free Updated Versions
  • Over 300 pages of Strategy
  • Ideal for Students and Fighters
  • Three books for one PRICE

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Muay Thai Counters RESIZE
  • 18 Exclusive Breakdowns
  • Over 170 Pages of pure Counters
  • A Complete Counter Guide
  • Ideal for Students and Fighters
  • X
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  • X



Muay Thai Stategy RESIZE CORRECT
  • Over 100 pages of Strategy
  • Designed for all Muay Thai levels
  • The Best Book On Strategy
  • Ideal for Students and Fighters
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“The Strategy bundle is suited for anyone serious about Muay Thai”
To get a second opinion, I asked some professional Muay Thai Fighters and Trainers to review this book
Here is what they had to say about MUAY THAI STRATEGY
“Stephen understands the importance of the fundamentals and what it takes to be successful in Muay Thai. These books will give you new things to think about when you are training and preparing for a fight.”

Dane SkyMuay Thai Champion (40+ Fights) / Trainer

“An easy read that is designed to give you all the tools to be successful in Muay Thai. You won’t learn this stuff when you train abroad or in Thailand”

Jacky ChuwattanaPro Fighter / Achieved Top 10 Ranking in Rajadamnern

“I think Stephen holds a great advantage over many people who get to train in Thailand. That advantage is that he is there full time. He has seen it all. He access to seeing thousands of people who make their way to train in Thailand and seeing what they are missing from their game. I really think anyone SERIOUS about really learning MUAY THAI can benefit greatly.”

Lanny ChanMuay Thai Trainer / Coach

“If you love Muay Thai then these books are perfect for you. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone.”

Samuli NarhiEuropean Bronze Medalist / Professional Fighter

“Muay Thai Strategy and Counters is designed for anyone wanting to lean new fight tactics to counter a huge variety of fighters. People of all levels of Muay Thai can benefiting from reading these books”

Natasha SkyWorld Title Contender (36+ fights) / Trainer

These are the best books about Muay Thai you’ll find. If you enjoy my Strategy Guides on, then you’re going to love these books.

You see…

I am so confident you’ll LOVE my books, that I’m offering a 30 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with my books, just send me an email explaining why you didn’t like it and I’ll refund your money. NO question asked.

***These Books are DIGITAL PRODUCTS. Once you purchase the books you will download them instantly.***

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is this an Online product ONLY?

Muay Thai Strategy is an online ONLY product that is delivered to you via direct download. You get full access to all of the material immediately after you make the purchase. These books are in PDF format to ensure everyone can access them no matter what device you are using. You will receive a download link via your email after you have completed your purchase.

What currency do you charge in?

The prices that are listed are charged in USD.

Who are these guides designed for?

In my opinion, Muay Thai strategy should be taught at every gym so students understand what it means to think in the ring. In order to develop strategy you need to have good fundamentals, something that a lot of people are lacking in.

Who can benefit from Muay Thai Strategy?

Anyone who is passionate about Muay Thai and wants to improve should read this book. Muay Thai strategy teaches you how to think and will make you a better fighter if you put some of the advice into practice.

What is your REFUND policy?

There is a 30 day money back period where you can get a refund after you make a purchase. All I ask is that you send me an email and tell you why you didn’t like it and you will receive a refund.

Can Beginners benefit from reading this?

When you first start learning Muay Thai you will focus on developing your fundamentals and technique. Muay Thai strategy is an excellent resource for beginners because it breaks down everything you need to know to be successful in Muay Thai

Is my payment secure?

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For those of you who don’t know me already, my name is Stephen Kong.

I moved to Thailand in 2011 and never left.

Everything that I talk about comes from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE

and I have the scars to prove it…

This was one of the many cuts I received in the ring

I am a naturally skeptical person, especially when I read stuff online.

That is why everything I write about comes from my very own experience, not from anyone else.

There is nothing made up. Just solid, pure information that will help you improve your Muay Thai game.

I promise.

I’ve had the privilege of training with dozens of Muay Thai champions from all over the world in Thailand, including the likes of Saenchai (living legend) and Penake (Lumpinee Champion) just to name a few, and I have seen first-hand HOW the best fighters train, spar, and fight.

One of the advantages of being able to train with such a wide variety of people from all over the world is you learn to read patterns.

Whether they are Russian KickboxersAustralian Low Kickers, or American MMA fighters, I’ve seen pretty much every style of fighter walk into the gym.

These books are an accumulation of that knowledge that I have learned over the past 4 years of living, training, and fighting in Thailand.

My goal is to help you progress in your Muay Thai journey and to help you achieve your goals

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