NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Update*Unfortunately this gym has closed down and has been reopened twice. The last time it was renamed Frontline Muay Thai (that lasted about 8 months) and now it is called “Fighters” Muay Thai gym. I don’t know if the trainers have remained, but you can visit if you want to learn more about the current location. 

Nongnapat gym (previously called Rawai Jitti Gym) is newest muay thai gym in Phuket that opened up in Rawai at the end of 2013. It used to be called Rawai Jitti gym in association with Jitti gym in Bangkok, however, they recently changed the name to Nongnapat gym as they are no longer associated with Jitti gym. This is one of the best looking gyms on the island it is right in front of Rawai Beach and a short 3km from Nai Harn Beach. The gym is fully equipped with brand new facilities, training equipment and a new store for students.

Image courtesy Nongapat facebook page

Image courtesy Nongapat facebook page


You couldn’t ask for a better location in Rawai than Nongnapat Muay Thai gym. It is situated right in front of Rawai beach and the breeze blows directly into the gym. The beach strip is full of great restaurants, bars, and massage places. There are a lot of options in terms of food and entertainment nearby the gym.


Currently there is no accommodation available at the gym. There is a number of hotels and resorts that are situated nearby the gym that is available. If you are planning on visiting the Nongnapat gym you should contact them to help you find accommodation for your training.


The gym is a brand new muay thai gym so don’t expect it to be packed with students. The gym features all brand new equipment so you can be sure you are training at a top notch facility. The training structure at the gym is the standard type of training that you would expect at a normal gym. They offer two sessions a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.



  • Great location, beautiful surroundings and situated right in front of the ocean
  • Smaller gym – less touristy and crowded
  • Brand New Gym – Be the FIRST


  • Still a brand new gym and doesn’t have a big name for itself
  • Not many students training there – Not as many clinching/sparring partners
  • Still in the process of building up a name

For more information about Nongnapat gym please visit their website here.

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