If you haven’t heard of Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn yet, then you should probably look up some videos of him on Youtube. Dieselnoi is a Muay Thai legend that is known for his devastating knee striking ability. Since he was one of the tallest Thai fighters in his era, he was able to use his height and reach to maximize his advantage.

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Dieselnoi was so dominant in his time that many of the top challengers did not want to fight him. Fighting Dieselnoi usually meant being outpointed in a grueling clinch war that involved a lot of knee strikes. He was a Muay Thai champion for 4 years and quit because he didn’t have any challengers who were willing to face him. His height and reach advantage were too great for the other Thai’s who fought in his weight class.

This old school footage of the champion Dieselnoi showcases why he was so devastating with his knees. As you can see from the following video, Dieselnoi knows exactly what he was good at and made sure that his training focused on making his strength even stronger. If you want to improve your knee strikes, Dieselnoi provides a great template for effective knees. Enjoy.


Video Credit (GKFromMTA)