In the world of Muay Thai, the Sports Writers Fighter of the Year award is the equivalent to winning an Oscar for Best Actor. This award recognizes which Muay Thai fighter has accomplished the most in a particular period.

Since 2013, Panpayak Jitmuangnon has been the most dominant fighter in Thailand, winning the Sports Writers Fighter of the Year award for 3 consecutive years. It would only be fitting that PetUtong, the fighter who would take away the crown from Panpayak, knocked Panpayak out in the first round of their last fight with an aggressive right hook.

Petutong Knocks out previous 3x Sports Writers Fighter of the Year Winner Panpayak

Petutong Or Kwanmuang

PetUtong is a fighter who excels in all areas of Muay Thai. He comes from the famous Sor Sommai gym in Bangkok that currently boasts 3 Rajadamnern champions and the very aggressive Saeksan.

When you watch PetUtong fight you will notice that he can utilize both orthodox and Southpaw stance effectively. Depending on his opponent, you may see him change stances at different times in a fight. He is a naturally aggressive fighter who throws a lot of power behind his strikes.

Besides his aggression, PetUtong has good defensive skills. At the highest levels in Muay Thai, you need to have a complete game to compete with the top fighters in Muay Thai.

PetUtong has a well rounded game that has helped him achieve victories over some of the best fighters in the sport. His confidence is something that helps him stand out from the rest of the pack. He always has a look of complete confidence in his abilities to beat any opponent he is facing.

This fight between Superlek showcases the complete skill set Petutong has at his disposal.

PetUtong’s next fight is an immediate rematch with Panpayak. You can be sure that Panpayak is training harder than ever to ensure that he can avenge his previous loss against PetUtong. This fight is going to be one to mark on your calendar.