Elite Fight Club PhuketPhuket Fight Club was originally known as Manop gym, but was acquired back in 2014 by the Elite Boxing team. Elite Boxing is a very successful gym in Bangkok that is run by Nugget and Gae. Both of these trainers have a huge amount of and are very popular among students who have trained with them.

As Elite Boxing took over the old Manop gym, they acquired all of the Brazilian fighters. I am not sure how many of them are still at the gym, so I would acquire ahead if you are interested in training with their fighters.

One of the highlights of this gym is that they offer pretty good rates for training and accommodation. For 16,000 you can train and live at the gym for 1 month. You won’t find any cheaper rates than that around, period. They also have a decent amount of Brazilian fighters who represent the gym at the different fight cards in Phuket.


The gym is situated on Soi Pa Lai, which happens to be the same road as that the Phuket Zoo is on. It is a few meters away from a local pier with some Thai restaurants nearby.

There is another gym called Eagle Muay Thai that is located on a small soi off the same road and Suwit Muay Thai stadium and gym is also located nearby. If you want to get your Western food fix, you can head down to Soi Tai-ed which is where Tiger and all the other big gyms are also located. Around this area they have a boat load of stuff to eat that is generally pretty healthy and cheap.

If you want to visit the beach you will need to drive about 20 minutes on the motorbike to Nair Harn or Kata Beach. Unfortunately, the Chalong area doesn’t have any swimmable areas because the tide goes so far out.

Phuket town is a 15-minute drive if you want to find the cheapest local Thai food options that are available. That being said there are plenty of eating options on the main road so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a motorbike.


Phuket fight clubPhuket Fight Club splits the training into two groups: Beginners/Intermediate and Fighters. If you don’t feel like fight training, you don’t have to wake up early and run. The Beginners class in the morning is an hour later and focuses on more technique and less on conditioning and sparring.

The afternoon class combines both groups, but the fighters will be training together while the beginners will be working on technique etc. This is the standard procedure in most gyms that have beginners and fighters training under the same roof.

This is not a busy tourist gym, so if you are into small sized gyms then this could be an option. The biggest concern here is if they have enough people to sustain and keep the doors open for the next few years.

If you are a fighter there are a lot of good guys here that you can spar and train with. They have fighters fighting on all of the major fight cards and promotions around Thailand so the competition is quite high here.


Phuket Fight Club offers on site accommodation that is very basic, but inexpensive. In fact, they currently have a special promotion of 16,000 baht for accommodation and training, which is probably the cheapest rate that you will find on the island. (Check their website for current prices as they can change at any moment)

If you are willing to pay for 3 months in advance (not recommended unless you know you like the gym) then you can get training and accommodation for 14,000 baht. That is a pretty sweet deal if you are trying to penny pinch and save as much money as possible.


  • Small class sizes – Expect around 10 people depending on when you train and how busy the gym is
  • High Quality Fighters – This gym boasts some pretty talented Brazilian Fighters who are training and fighting for the gym
  • The prices are very affordable – They offer the cheapest prices you will find around.
  • Located on nice Quiet Road – Soi Pa Nai is a small road that has a pier at the end and doesn’t have many cars on it. This makes it an ideal place to run.


  • Brazilian dominated – This is a mainly Brazilian gym so expect to hear a lot of Portuguese being spoken
  • Basic Accomodation – Don’t expect anything fancy like a pool or ocean view.
  • No beaches nearby – If you are looking for a short holiday with beaches this is probably not your location

Final Thoughts

This is a small gym that is trying to make it in the heavily saturated Muay Thai market of Phuket. Even with the Elite Boxing partnership, I don’t know if their marketing and location is strong enough to survive in this market. Only time will tell if they turn into one of the premiere gyms in Phuket or if they are another causality of over expansion and growth of Muay Thai.

If you are someone who is looking to penny pinch and save as much money as possible in Phuket, Phuket Fight Club could be a good option for you. The gym is very small so you can expect to have more attention from the trainers.

They always have some pretty good fighters who are representing the gym at the shows, so depending on when you visit the gym they may have some good training partners to work with.

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