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Sumith asked 7 months ago

Hello. I have a slip disc condition (Herniation on L4). I was bed ridden for a couple of months. It was a condition that developed over the years and got absolutely worse at one point. However moving forward after a bit of yoga and physiotherapy i was back on track. I’ve been training Muay Thai now in Bangalore, India for about 4 months. It’s incredible how i feel and how flexible i am and all the more so, because considering i could not move an inch same time last year. However i have some questions regarding some advance training and any preparations for a real fight (amateur to begin with) . The slip disc is definitely here to stay and obviously has not healed 100%. Sometimes when i push myself a bit i could definitely feel a bit of nibble at the back. I also have a strange problem that is i can pretty much do everything in the training except for doing reps of pushups. I think which denotes my back is still not 100% strong.

My main question is, with this condition is it advisable to train for a fight ? Or should i discard the thought forever that, with this it is impossible to fight.

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Anonymous answered 4 months ago

Ain\’t a pro here. However, we have the same condition. After my last amateur fight, I experienced pain in ,my lower back which got worse over time and was diagnosed with disc herniation or protruding disc. Training for a fight? No. You can still train to make your lower back strong though.

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