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Paul Lange asked 8 months ago


I actually study Karate and we learn to punch bare handed striking with the first two knuckles. Although my hands are slowly getting conditioned for longer bag and pad workouts gloves are really needed in order to avoid injury. Can you recommend a glove that allows striking with the knuckles. I have tried some boxing style gloves but the striking area seems to be more over the base of the fingers?

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Ben Staff answered 7 months ago

All boxing gloves will impact roughly over the front of the fist, but not necessarly the knuckle area, as in traditional karate.

MMA gloves are far smaller and because of this, you can impact with the knuckle area somewhat.

But there are no boxing gloves that will let you strike just with the knuckle part sorry. You might want to use karate-style gloves (the padding and design is more suitable for knuckle strikiing).

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