RithevadaRithevada Sitikoon (ฤทธิเทวดา สิทธิกุล) is a fighter that many of you probably haven’t heard of before. He is a Channel 7 champion and is ranked in the top 3 at Lumpinee stadium, for his weight division.

Rithevada is a lanky Southpaw fighter that is extremely technical. His technique and skill level are above most fighters in Thailand.

His weakness, like many technical fighters, are forward clinchers who apply a lot of pressure to wear him down in the later rounds of the fight. If he is able to stay at a distance from his opponent, he will almost always outpoint them.

What I love about Rithevada, are his beautiful teeps and his vicious left elbow. He has insanely good timing with his elbow, especially against orthodox opponents. He is a fighter who is very relaxed and very patient on offense – knowing when to sit back and when to explode.

The following fight showcases just how skilled Rithevada is and why you should pay attention to this awesome fighter. (He is the fighter in RED)