This week’s edition of Training with Champions features Sam-A working on sharpening up my elbow strikes during our private lesson. Since Sam-A was a fighter known for his lightning fast elbow strikes, I was extremely happy to have him show me a few tips.

Fighter’s who have good elbow strikes can instill a lot of fear in their opponents. If you know you are fighting someone who is known for cutting his opponent’s you can bet that you will be thinking twice about getting into close range.

Learning how to effectively land elbow strikes is something that most people need to work on, especially if you don’t have access to training in Thailand. The Thais are masters at elbows and have perfected the art over many years.

If you haven’t seen the highlight video of my pad rounds with Sam-A at Evolve MMA, you can watch that HERE.

This video showcases Sam-A demonstrating how to land elbows through an opponent’s guard and also how to create openings when your opponent has a strong guard.

More on Elbow Strikes

As you can see from the video above, Sam-A was demonstrating how to score elbows from within an opponent with a high guard. Instead of trying to elbow at your opponent’s guard, you can either find space between their guard or you can push down their arm and throw an elbow with the same arm that you push down with.

These techniques are extremely useful because they allow you to create openings against an opponent who has a good guard and is protecting himself throughout the fight.

When you watch the video you will notice how quick and snappy Sam-A’s elbow strikes were when he was demonstrating them. He doesn’t use any wind up in the elbow, just a quick rotation of the arm and the core. The more rotation you add to the elbow, the more power you will generate.

It is important to note that if you wind up too much on your elbow strikes, it can put you out of position if you miss. I’ve seen some guys swing wildly on their elbows and end up getting caught with a counter elbow after their opponent steps back away from the elbow.

The key to a good elbow is to throw it with speed and accuracy. Within enough speed and good accuracy, you will be able to inflict maximum damage if your elbow connects on your opponent.

In next week’s edition of training with champions, I get a chance to spar with Sam-A in a very fun technical session. Stay tuned for that.

If you want to learn more about working with Sam-A you can check him out over at Evolve Vacation.