Update April 2016* Singpatong no longer has Penake, Pentai or Damien training at the gym. All three of these Lumpinee champions retired and are now pad holders at other gyms. They still boast a strong contingent of French fighters with Rafi Singpatong leading the way. 

Singpatong Sitnumnoi gym was started in 1971 when Somsak Junlaka started the training camp. It is currently run by the head trainer Sit Num Noi who is very popular among Phuket locals because of the status of Singpatong gym. Singpatong is the home of the best French fighters in Thailand. Most of the French fighters tied to Alamos Impacts are tired to this gym. In recent years Singpatong has added a whole roster of thai boys who are also living and training at the camp. This ensures they have many active fighters at the local Phuket scene on a weekly Basis.

The fighers include Raffi who is currently fighting out of Singpatong and has recently won the WMC belt at 67 kilos. Many people consider this to be a French orientated gym because of the strong ties that head trainer Num Noi has with Damien Alamos’s gym in France. The strong ties ensure that many high level French fighters are constantly coming through Singpatong to fight with other French champions.

The manager and part owner of Singpatong Numnoi, is now a promoter in Patong Boxing Stadium. Every Saturday night he puts on a fight card featuring many of the Singpatong fighters who are training at his gym. If you are a foreigner looking to have a fight in Thailand he will easily match you up with an opponent on his fight card. Most of the time fighters on this show end up fighting Thai guys, and sometimes the matchups are not the best.


The gym is located on the hills of Patong on 26 “Hasip Pee” Road (50 Pee Rd). This is far enough from Bangla Road (the main tourist area in Patong) that you can focus on training without being distracted. It is also close enough that you can take short trips down to Patong beach and the main tourist strip if you are taking the day off or on the weekend. People who are planning on watching the muay thai fights will also be happy to know that both major stadiums in Phuket are located in Patong. Meaning you won’t have to travel far to see the fights.

I’ll be honest and admit that I do not like Patong. Everything on the main strip is all over priced and designed to cater to the quick tourist who stop by. If you want to stay in a nice part of Phuket, this is definitely not the gym for you. However, there are a huge selection of restaurants and accommodation in Patong, which is a positive.


Training times are between 7:00am to 10:00am and 4:00pm to 8:00pm. During this time the fighters will run as a team together to build stamina and strength for future competitions. Training includes a 10k run that will wind through Patong hill, shadow boxing, skipping, body exercises, stretching, sparring, clinching and pad rounds with a trainer.

Singpatong is known for its rigorous style of Muay Thai training in the lush surroundings of beautiful Phuket. Foreigners who are looking for easy and relaxing training while they are on a vacation should consider another gym. This is a fighters gym and they have quite the reputation to produce some top level guys. While everyone is welcome to the gym, beginners might be intimidated by the level of talent that would surround them.


Singpatong does have some on site accommodation that is available to some of the fighters. Most of the foreigners who visit this camp choose to stay off site and commute to the gym by motorbike or walking. This is because they don’t have the best facilities for those who are looking for a comfortable stay. If you are interested in booking accommodation you should contact the gym directly.


  • There are a lot of high level guys who train her from France so you can expect some good sparring and clinching partners.
  • The head trainer Numnoi is well liked among people who train at the gym. Num is known to take care of his fighters and make sure they are well prepared for fights.
  • Strong French presence at the gym. There is a strong relationship with France and many of the top guys from France are training at this gym at any given time. This means the majority of the student population speak French.
  • Authentic Bangkok style of training in Phuket. Phuket gyms are often known to have easier training than in Bangkok. Singpatong is the exception. Be prepared to train hard.


  • Although all levels are welcome, this gym is not very beginner friendly. If you are looking for a gym to get introduced to Muay Thai I would choose something else.
  • Mainly French Gym – This gym is mainly French. Keep in mind all of these guys are high level so you won’t get a shortage of talented guys to clinch with.
  • Located in Patong – This is a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. If you aren’t into partying then Patong is the worst place in Phuket. However, if you are keen for a good night out then Patong has everything you could imagine.
  • Hard Training (pro or con) – You don’t come to Singpatong to expect a holiday, you come here to train your butt off. Serious fighters go here, so if your on a quick holiday you should probably choose somewhere else.
  • Lack of Facilities – There is not much in terms of on site facilities. Singpatong is located on the hills of Patong. Although they have some very modest accommodation on site, you will probably end up finding your own.

Overall I don’t think anyone has any bad things to say about Singpatong Sitnumoi boxing gym. They have some of the best fighters on the island and they have a great reputation among people who follow the Muay Thai circuit in Phuket.

Expect hard training and you will come out of the camp a better fighter. Numnoi has recently started his own fight promotions at Patong Boxing Stadium where he as some great muay thai fights for those interested in watching an authentic fight night.

Singpatong-Sitnumnoi recently opened up a location in Bangkok to house all of their fighters when they fight in Bangkok. I am not sure if this means the best fighters will be training up there most of the time or not.

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