sitsongpeenong muay thaiIt was only a matter of time before Sitsongpeenong decided to expand their brand to the most top Muy Thai destination of Phuket. Sitsongpeenong Phuket is the more laid back, beginner friendly version of their main gyms in Bangkok.

The owner of this gym is half Thai and understands how to run a successful Muay Thai gym. Given the huge popularity and success of the Bangkok gym, it was only a matter of time before their Phuket branch began to grow in popularity and start gaining a following.

Having big name fighters like Sittichai and Kem Sitsongpeenong, this gym has one of the most recognizable names in the world. Regardless of whether or not it is located in Bangkok or not, they were very smart by branding the gym as another Sitsongpeenong. The name alone is enough to attract a lot of people to come train there.

One of the advantages that Sitsongpeenong has over other gyms is they have a big selection of trainers who used to be top level fighters. They boast a number of ex Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champions that used to be the best fighters in all of Thailand.

Given the fact that their Bangkok location is located in a big metropolitan city that can suffer from air pollution and huge amounts of traffic, it is not surprising that lot of people are choosing to train at their Phuket location instead of Bangkok.

The marketing job that Sitsongpeenong Phuket does for their gym is top notch. They post a huge number of fight videos, Instagram photos, and Facebook updates very regularly. This is another reason why they have quickly established themselves as one of the top gyms in Phuket.


This gym is situated in Phuket near Surin Beach. This area is well known as the rich part of Phuket with all of the wealthy millionaire expats and travelers frequenting the many high end residences and hotels that are in the area. The area is also home to Catch beach club which is another high end beach club located in Phuket.

sitsongpeenong gymI’ll be the first to admit that I don’t frequent Surin beach too much, unless I want to drop a lot of money on a few drinks at a high end place or some overpriced local food. That being said, if you have the money, Surin is a very nice place with very nice restaurants, hotels, and beaches that you can choose from. If you are only in Thailand for a month or a few weeks, you probably won’t be concerned with spending a few thousand baht more for the location.

One of the positives to the gym location is that it is situated much closer to the airport than a lot of the other gyms in Phuket. Instead of taking 50-60 minutes to take a taxi from the airport, you can get to Surin in about half of the time.

Accommodation and Prices

The gym offers on site accommodation that range from 35,000 baht for a single room that includes training or 25,000 baht for a twin shared room. If you book for 3 months at a time you can get your rate as low as 20,000 baht of your training and your accommodation.

If you don’t fancy staying at the gym you can stay in a number of hotels that are located in this area. If you are planning on having a short holiday then I would suggest you check out or and look up any deals that you can get for the area. You should be able to find a number of options that fit within your price range.

Sitsongpeenong’s official website did not specify specific daily/monthly rates, but I would assume it would be around the same as their Bangkok gym which is 450 baht for a single session and 750 for a double session.

Please visit their website for the latest information and updates prices in the link below:


While the Sitsongpeenong Bangkok gym is known for its rigorous training schedule that requires a lot of running, strength and conditioning, and bag work, their Phuket gym is more laid back. Since all of the top fighters are located in the Bangkok gym, they don’t have to have such a strict regimen to follow.

This gym is definitely better suited for beginner/intermediate students as they don’t break the training into two groups like they do in Bangkok. Everyone trains together, so you don’t feel like an outsider having to watch all the Thai champions train when you are finished your training session.

Your training level will depend on your experience. If you are a beginner starting out, don’t expect to have to do the same workload as the professional fighters. This is the benefit of training in tourist gym in a place like Phuket.

Most people who have trained at Sitsongpeenong are very happy with the facilities, training and trainers. Like most of the other gyms in the area, this is a beginner friendly gym that can meet your Muay Thai needs.


  • A good number of high level trainers that have a lot of combined experience
  • A good number of fighters who frequent the gym
  • Located in a very touristy area that has a lot of hotels and restaurants around
  • 20-30 minutes from the airport
  • Nice beach 400m away
  • Good Accommodation that is available onsite and off
  • They have a fitness area and gym you can access
  • Not as busy as some of the larger gyms on the island


  • Expensive compared to a lot of other gyms
  • All of Sitsongpeenong’s best fighters are located in their Bangkok gym
  • Surin is not where many local expats live because it is much pricier than other areas (something to think about if you want to stay long term)
  • No other gym options in the area
  • There are better areas on Phuket to live long term


If you are a fan of Sitsongpeenong than there is no doubt that you would enjoy training at their Phuket location. This location is much better than their Bangkok gym, however it doesn’t boast the level of high caliber fighters that their Bangkok gym has.

If you want to have a nice Muay Thai vacation while at the same time training a quality gym then you can’t go wrong with Sitsongpeenong Phuket. Besides being a bit expensive, the location has a nice beach, good restaurants and a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Anyone who is trying to get the best bang for their buck, should probably look at other gyms that are available on Phuket as there are definitely cheaper options out there.

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