Superpro Samui is a Muay Thai gym that was founded by the founders of the the Kickboxing promotion Showtime that was sold to the current Glory Kickboxing. The co-founders are Remon Daalder and Edwin Van Os. Remon has been active in the kickboxing industry for over 20 years and holds the biggest promotions of kickboxing in Europe.

Edwin Van Os was a very successful kickboxing trainer and has tons of experience as a gym owner. They currently own Enfusion and have built a number of successful kickboxing brands.  In 2008, both cofounders recruited their managing partner, Robbie Timmers, who previously owned an online martial arts magazine called, “Fight Talk.”

The trio became a good working team and building up Superpro Samui to what it is today. It is a Muay Thai, mma and fitness camp. It has full set of weights gym, cardio machines, a boxing gym, 4 Muay Thai rings and a mixed martial arts MMA cage. The gym currently offers MMA, Muay Thai, Yoga and Crossfit classes. 

Superpro Samui has hosted events put on by Enfusion such as the reality show featuring some of the top female Kickboxers in the world. Given the owners connections around the industry, they have some good contacts and are in the loop when it comes to the world of Kickboxing.


Superpro Samui is located in Chaweng Beach. They are found on the Main Ring Road in Chaweng just South of the Bangkok Hospital Samui and just North of where the Beach Road meets the Ring Road. There you will see the Superpro Samui sign on the same side as the hospital. It will take you to a street that will direct you to the gym’s resort complex.

The beach is within a 30 minutes walk or you can take a motorbike and get there a lot quicker. The island of Samui has a lot of restaurants that you can choose from so there is no shortage of options.  They also have an on site restaurant if you are living on the camp and don’t want to venture off anywhere far. 




The training at Superpro Samui is cheaper than when you compare it to other gyms in places like Phuket and in line with the prices at Koh Samui. Their website lists the prices at 7500 baht per month, which is an affordable rate for someone looking for long term training. 

Superpro Samui TrainingThere are 4 Muay Thai trainers: Charoon Juntra (head coach/trainer), Keng, Peum, Neung, and Noi. Keng is the only one of them all who is still active in fighting.  All of them have lots of experience and have been at the gym for a while.

There are a lot of high level fighters who train at the gym and fight for them in the local stadiums. One of their fighters Yurik has fought in a number of big shows in Thailand and is quite a good fighter. The camp features a number of mixed guests from holiday makers on vacation to fighters, so depending on when you go they students will vary.

If you want to know who is training there you can always contact that camp ahead of time and see who will be there when you arrive.


Superpro Samui poolThe accommodation options at the gym range from the basic shared fan rooms to private rooms that can hold multiple people. The room rates are not that gym if you compare it to other options, but you also need to take into account the free training that comes with every room.

If you don’t want to stay on site you can choose one of the many options that are located in Koh Samui. That being said, you may need to rent a motorbike and drive if you don’t stay at a place that is close to the gym. Overall there is a decent amount of accommodation offered that will appeal to most people.


Final Thoughts

If you plan on training in Koh Samui and are looking for a gym that offers Muay Thai/MMA/CrossFit and Yoga then Superpro is a good option. They offer on site accommodation with a pool for those who want to stay at the gym and there are other options in the area if you look up Trip Advisor for some recommendations. They also have an on site restaurant if you don’t want to leave the gym to get food. 


While the training prices are a little more expensive than some of the area training camps located in Koh Samui, the facilities at the gym are definitely some of the best you will find on the island. With Western ownership, they are much more likely to be worried about cleanliness etc.

Overall, if you are into Kickboxing and MMA then will probably be your first stop in Koh Samui. While there are a few other MMA gyms on the island, this is one has the best facilities and offers the most in terms of what you can do.