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Sutai Muay ThaiSutai Muay Thai is one of the newest gyms that has opened up in Phuket. Sutai was previously known as Ignite gym and was opened up by Amy Sharp. It is located near Surin and Bangtao beach in a pretty close proximity to Sitsongpeenong Phuket. The gym looks to be run by a Costa Rican couple who both have an extensive and successful background in Muay Thai.

Most of the people at Sutai Muay Thai have been training in Phuket for quite a while before they decided to branch out. Craig Dickson who is a regular fighter on Max and Thai Fight is also at Sutai Muay Thai. This is a predominately Spanish orientated gym with most of their fighters coming from the Latin parts of the world.

Given the management, I would assume that they offer a higher quality training standard compared to the average gyms on the island. They are a fighters gym and constantly have fighters representing their gym at different stadiums around the island.


Sutai Muay Thai gym is located in between Surin and Bangtao beach in Phuket. These are beautiful beaches that attract a lot of tourists in the high season. This area is where a lot of the rich people in Phuket live and it attracts higher end tourists.

There are a lot of high end resorts that are situated in Surin, so if you have money to spend then this is going to be an area that can satisfy your holiday vacation.


Most of the gyms in Thailand follow the same training protocol of running, stretching, shadow boxing, bag work, pad work, sparring, conditioning and stretching at the end. While there are some variations to this order depending on the gym, this is pretty much what you can expect.

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One of the strong points of this gym is they have a good stable of fighters who are at the gym. If you are a fighter or plan on fighting in Phuket, they will definitely look after you during your stay. Even though it is Spanish owned, they all speak English so you don’t need to worry about any language issues.


There is plenty of accommodation in this Surin area so you won’t have any shortage of options to choose from. While there are many high end hotels and resorts in this area, you can also find some reasonably priced guest houses if you look around.

The key is to book a month in advance and you will always get the cheapest prices available. If you contact the gym directly they will be able to help you find accommodation that can fit your budget and your needs.


  • Strong level of fighters training at the gym
  • Strong Spanish presence if you come from latin America.
  • Nice Beaches in the area


  • Surin is an expensive area

Final Thoughts

Sutai Muay Thai has a good stable of high level fighters who are constantly representing the gym at the various stadiums. If you are a fighter looking for some good training partners, this could definitely be a gym worth checking out.

Anyone who is Spanish speaking is definitely going to want to train at Sutai. While Phuket Fight Club is the home of the Brazilians, Sutai is looking to be home to all of the Spanish fighters who plan on training in Phuket.

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Since Sutai is still a brand new gym it is interesting to see how they will do in the future. My guess that this is going to be a successful Muay Thai gym on the island.

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