After Watching the last Thai Fight show that featured Yodsanklai, Sudsakorn and some other top level Thai fighters, I was left feeling extremely disappointed. Not only was most of the production extremely cheesy and over the top, most of the fights were boring to watch. The focus of the show was more on music and dancing with a little bit of ring action. With so much potential to be a great show, Thai FIGHT falls flat every time I watch it.

The organization as a whole has a very transparent M.O. (Mission Objective) – Showcase Top Level Thai Fighters beating up fighters who have much less experience in the ring. Although the fights can turn out to be good, most of the time they fall flat because of the huge mismatches.

I get it. The promoters think people want to see Thai Superstars getting KO wins of foreign opponents.

Instead of putting top level Thai guys against each other, you will often see a Thai fighter with 300+ fights fighting a guy with less than 20 fights. These fights are all designed to be easy wins for the Thai superstars on the card. Given the fact that the entrances to the shows are completely free, it says a lot that they struggle to get people in the door to watch these free events.

Here are 5 things you can always expect to see on a Thai fight:

#1. Foreigners Getting Beat Up By Thais

Most Thai FIGHT shows will feature a foreigner that you’ve never heard of vs. a Thai fight who’s got more experience in the ring than Jenna Jameson.That’s not necessarily a bad thing, if the fights were good. The issue that bothers me the most is that most matches are completely garbage.

Ok, if you are the type of guy that likes to watch your favorite fighters beat the crap out of someone who isn’t at the same skill level, Thai FIGHT is for you. However, if you are the type of guy that likes watching a close fight between 2 guys that each have a shot of winning the fight, then this show is a waste of time.

#2. The Pinto Brothers

These two French brothers are considered superstars in Thailand. They started training in Thailand at a young age and have grown up in the sport of Muay Thai. Most Thai’s consider them Thai and they are often given matchups that reflect this. Unlike most foreigners having to fight difficult Thai’s on the card, the Pintos are almost always set up against a Foreigner opponents. The Pintos are extremely talented fighters, so it’s not surprising that they are rising to the top and are featured on every card.

#3. Cheesy Fight Entrances

Every fighter on the card has to do a little move before they walk on the stage. The production value to the show feels very cheesy and they need to do a better job of trying to make it more about the fighting, less about theatrics.

#4. Long Music Performances

I am well aware that this is a highly opinionated point, however, if you watch the look on the crowd they look bored out of their minds. The last show I watched I literally thought it was over because they played 20 minutes of music and performances. Not only was it terrible, it was extremely boring to watch and didn’t focus on muay thai at all.

#5. Muay Kard Chuek

For some reason they are really trying to promote Muay Kard Chuek – fighters wrapping their hands in rope instead of wearing boxing gloves. This is to ensure there are more KO’s in a fight card. I am a traditionalist when it comes to muay thai. I don’t like see offsets of Muay Thai like cage muay thai or Kard Chuek tinkering with the sport. I want to see a beautiful fight between two boxers who are at the highest level.

The main purpose of Kard Chuek is from a marketing perspective, they are trying to over people something different. A side effect is that it showcases more knockouts, partly do to the size of glove, but mainly because of the skill mismatches.

Here is an example of a Typical mismatch that takes place:

Thai Fight: A Wasted Opportunity to Showcase Top Talent

When I think of Thai Fight I think of a wasted opportunity to showcase real muay thai.

Thai FIGHT has the talent pool, but they have the wrong strategy.

They have a chance to showcase some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world, yet they give them easy fights that are complete mismatches. It is obvious who is going to win a fight just in the first few minutes of the first round. Instead of offering some of the top Thai vs Thai matchups, something that would fill the stadiums with locals and foreigners, they  showcase 2-3 decent fights with the rest being a waste of time.

Although they still have a chance to improve their show, I don’t think they are going to be headed in the right direction any time soon.The next time a Thai fight is on I’ll probably see who’s fighting on the card and then promptly change the channel.The new Lumpinee show called King Fighter is the only Thai promotion that I see having potential to really showcase the best talent in the sport of Muay Thai today.