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Thaismai Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review


thaismai-glovesThaismai is one of the original Thai brands that was first established in 1960 under the name Thaismai Shop. After being rebranded in 1980 it was later called Thaismai sport, which is the current name of the brand today. Thaismai is the Godfather of Muay Thai equipment in Thailand and is one of the oldest brands out there.

The Thaismai logo and glove design has remained the same over the years. With Thaismai you get a glove that is battled tested and proven over the years. While Thaismai is not my favorite brand, there are some people who swear by Thaismai as their brand of choice.

If you talk to some of the older fighters from Thailand, they will probably have good memories of Thaismai from their early days as a fighter. Many high level fighters have used Thaismai and this is a brand that carries a strong reputation in Thailand.

The Thaismai glove that I own is the 10oz classic glove in black. This is pretty much the standard glove that Thaismai sells and is the model that you would most likely end up purchasing.


the gloves come in basic colors

the gloves come in basic colors

The price of Thaismai gloves are not cheap when you compare them to other brands out there. Because they lack a good distribution network, the people who do carry their gloves charge a premium for them. If you look online you can find a pair of Thaismai gloves starting off for around $75+ and that doesn’t include shipping

If you want the cheapest prices you will need to visit their main store located in Bangkok. The prices at their flagship store are around half of what you would pay online for the same pair of gloves. Unfortunately, that requires you to make the trek out to the store and find it.

In general, Thaismai prices fall in line with the other brands of gloves that are out there. They don’t fall in the high end range like Fairtex, but they are not as cheap as some of the other brands like Raja and Boon.


Thaismai makes their products using premium leathers, foam padded protections and traditional veclro/lace up wrist enclosures. The leather has a soft feel to the glove that is different than some of the other brands. I’ve owned my pair of Thaismai gloves for 6 months now and they have held up quite well.

If you compare some of the fine craftsmanship of the gloves to some other brands like Raja or Top King, I would rate Thaismai slightly below those brands. While the overall quality of the glove is better than any glove you find outside of Thailand, I still wouldn’t rate it high in terms of gloves you find made in Thailand.


The fit of the Thaismai gloves is probably the one area I criticize the most. I personally don’t like the fit of the glove when you put your hand in it. I found that my finger tips got jammed at the end of the glove when I first put my hands in the glvoes. Since I have normal sized hands, I think this is simply a design flaw in the glove and not an issue with an awkward hand size.

In addition to the lack of finger room, I also noticed the thumb enclosure doesn’t have any leather padding on the top of the thumb. This results in your thumb feeling like its touching a canvas like material. I found this to be a little bit irritating when I first tried the gloves compared to other brands.

Additionally, the velcro wrist straps are very loose on the Thaismai gloves. Since I have small wrists, I find this to be too lose and I have a lot of space in between my wrist and the velcro enclosure. This results in less wrist support when I am punching the bag.

The one positive I would say about the glove is the cushion padding on the end of the glove is good. It absorbs the shock of a lot of your blows and I do like the feeling when you hit the bag with them on. After a few months of use, I did get used to the feeling of the gloves and I didn’t mind them. However, it does take some adjustment period of getting used to the Thaismai fit.

Style and Design


This are limited edition Thaismai gloves

Like a lot of the other Muay Thai brands made in Thailand Thaismai only offers a few models of gloves that you can purchase. If your are looking for Thaismai gloves online expect only a few color options and models to choose from. Due to the lack of distributors around the world, you are going to be ordering from a few companies online who keep their stuff.

Thaismai has a few colorful styles if you visit their store in Bangkok. These are usually limited run gloves, so you have to visit the store in person to see what they have on hand at the time.

Most people who order Thaismai go with the basic black glove, which is the one I purchased from them. This is a simple glove that looks good and is the standard option that you will see online.

Where to Buy Thaismai Gloves

As I mentioned before, Thaismai doesn’t have many distributors around the world. If you head down to your local fight shop there is a very little chance they would have even heard of Thaismai. This is a brand more popular  inside of Thailand, then around the world. While Thaismai does export to foreign countries, your best bet is to order the gloves online.

The best way to purchase Thaismai gloves is to visit their physical store located in Bangkok. At this store you will be able to save a lot of money and try on the different gloves that are available for purchase. This is probably a good idea because I found that the fit of the gloves was not the best.

Here is a map location to the Thaismai store in Bangkok:

If you take a picture of the address and show it to a taxi driver, they will be able to take you there. Click on the Thai version of Google maps so you can get the address in Thai, otherwise the taxi won’t be able to read the English writing.

Final Word

Out of all the Thai brands I have tried on, I would rank Thaismai as one of the lower ones. I found the glove was a bit too tight on my fingers (not enough space at the end of the glove). This is partly due to the design of the glove and how it cuts off the finger tips in a straight line, instead of following an arch pattern that most gloves have.

Before buying Thaismai gloves I would probably try them on first and see if you like them. If you like how they fit on your hands then by all means buy them. I do like how it feels when you hit the bag with the gloves on. The cushion at the end of the glove is soft, absorbing a lot of the impact.

If you are going to be a third or fourth pair of Muay Thai gloves, then definitely have a look at Thaismai. However, I wouldn’t use Thaismai as my main glove. There are simply too many things I don’t like about the gloves to really recommend them to the average person.

Classic Brand with Design Flaws

6.8 Average

Thaismai is a classic Thai brand that has a storied history of making Thaismai Boxing gloves. The biggest downfall of these gloves is the end of the fingers cut off at an awkward angle, which makes it a bit cramped when you put the gloves on.

The thumb area is also lacking a bit of padding on the upper part of the thumb. Additionally, I find the wrist cuff too big, which means you don't get good wrist support when you have the glove on.

What I did like about the glove was the cushioning that it provides when you impact the glove. Overall I would rate these gloves as Average. They aren't the best gloves on the market, but they are certainly better than anything you find outside of Thailand.

  • Quality 7
  • Comfort 5
  • Price 8
  • Value 7
  • Aesthetics 6
  • Padding & Protection 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 8.1

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