If you are a fan of Muay Thai fights, 2014 has been a great year for you. This year has seen more highlight reel knockouts and exciting fights than ever before. Given the increasing popularity among Muay Thai fans of the sport, it is not surprising that we are seeing better and better matchups.

Thanks to the increasingly availability of fights from youtube channels like Muay Ties, fans of the sport are able to watch the best in the world compete on a weekly basis.

While Muay Thai used to be a sport surrounded by Mystery and tradition, the past few years has started to shatter the barrier that existed between Muay Thai and the world. Now the average fan is introduced to fighters that used to only be known by a handful of people outside of Thailand.

Today’s Muay Thai is drastically changing for the better. With thousands of people coming to Thailand to train Muay Thai every month, knowledge of the sport is starting to spread all around the globe.

For those of you who don’t have the time to keep up to date with the best Muay Thai fights of the year, I have put together a list of the 5 Best Muay Thai fights of 2014. These fights showcase fights that make Muay Thai such a great sport.

 The Best Muay Thai Fights of 2014

#5 – Most Exciting Round of the Year

The third round between Seksan vs. Songkom is one of the most entertaining rounds of action of 2014. Both fighters get engaged in a low kick battle that will leave you wondering who goes down first. The aggression and determination displayed by both fighters is what makes Muay Thai so special. If you can only watch one round of action, this is definitely the round you should check out.

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#4 – Bloodiest Fight of the Year

This is one of the bloodiest fights of 2014 that you will watch. It showcases the side of Muay Thai that makes it completely unique to other fighting sports. The fight showcases that most fights are not stopped with a little bit of blood, especially when a lot is on the line. If you don’t like watching blood, skip to the next video. For those of you who that like witnessing the bloody side of Muay Thai, this fight is for you.

#3 – Clinch War of the Year

What happens when you take the two best clinchers in the sport and put a big bet on the line? You end up having the best clinch war of the year. Both fighters have won prestigious awards in Thailand and they are champions in multiple stadiums. This is a technical battle that involves clinching at its very best. If you want to see how the best fighters clinch, this is a fight that you should definitely check out.

#2 – Slugfest of the Year

Anytime you put Pornsanae in the ring against any opponent, he is going to turn the fight into an all out war. Although Pornsanae is past his prime, he is still one of the most exciting fighters in the world to watch. Don’t ever count him out in a fight, especially when you have him against the ropes. This fight could have easily gone either way and is definitely of the best slugfest of the year.

 #1 – Best Fight of the Year

This fight between Wanchalong vs Chaisiri showcases everything that makes Muay Thai such a great sport. Both fighters engage in all out war to determine who will become the Lumpinee Champion. This is the classic battle of skill vs aggression. Wanchalong (RED) is known for his constant forward pressure and relentless assault, while Chaisiri (BLUE) is a skill fighter. If you can only watch one fight this year, this should be on the top of your list.

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Fight of the Year – Runner Up

The fight between Pakorn vs Seksan was an all out war that displayed skill vs aggression. Seksan was charging forward the entire fight, looking to score precious points on his opponent. This is one of those fights that truly does represent what Muay Thai is all about.  If you haven’t seen this fight yet, start watching now.

Big Thanks to Timo Ruge for filming these fights over at Muay Ties and spreading the word of Muay Thai.

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