The boxers soliloquy

The Boxer’s Soliloquy is a book that could only be written by someone who has actually lived the life of a Nak Muay in Thailand. The author Matt Lucas has put together a collection of 15 different stories that are all interconnected.

This book provides a level of authenticity and accuracy that could only come from someone who has lived these events. Whether Matt was describing a scene in the locker room before a fight or a rural village in Northern Thailand, everything was bang on. All the details of the fights and the build up to the fights are exactly how you would experience them if you were there yourself.

To further add to the authenticity of the book, throughout the novel Matt puts in some key Thai phrases that you will encounter in Thailand. Matt’s description of Thailand from the fights, to the training, to even the BTS train station, is spot on.

I’ll be honest, the heart and soul of this book is Muay Thai. If you want a book that has characters you fall in love with, this is the wrong novel. The Boxer’s Soliloquy falls short when it comes to the story line and character development.

There are some parts of the book that are a bit slow and the story does drag on a bit. While I could definitely relate to some of the characters in the book, I never did find myself really developing a deep connection with them.

If you want to read a book that accurately depicts different aspects of Muay Thai, this is the perfect book for you. You will appreciate the accuracy in the details and descriptions of the various events throughout the book.

Overall, The Boxer’s Soliloquy is a short and easy read that provides a lot of insight into the sport of Muay Thai. Anyone who is planning on taking a trip to Thailand should definitely read this book on the flight over. It only takes a few hours to read and it packs a lot of details that you would appreciate once you get over there.

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