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Whenever someone wins a highlight reel fight, little thought is given to the fighter lying unconscious on the ground 구글 스케치업 무료버전 다운로드. All of the pain, sacrifice, and hard work that fighter put into training, with no results to show in the end. The life of a fighter is not one to take lightly Free download of Papaloti. Muay Thai is a beautiful art, but it is also a brutal sport.

I created this highlight video to showcase the other side of victory – defeat 닥터스 7회. While some people may watch this highlight and enjoy the knockouts, the goal is to show you the impact of the fighter lying unconscious on the ground, and how it can affect that fighter’s family, team, and themselves 잃어버린 기억.

I’ve seen countless fighters lose in the ring, and I can’t explain how devastating it is to watch someone you have trained with get hurt badly blob images. There is a sinking feeling in your stomach, that doesn’t go away until you know that your friend and teammate is feeling ok after the fight.’

Many fighters deal with concussions that can last for weeks, with daily headaches and vomiting and hurt all over their bodies color cop. However, it is often the emotional pain of giving everything you have in the ring and still coming up short in the end, that hurts the most.

Every fighter has to face the risk of serious physical and emotional pain, in order to chase glory in the ring.

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I hope you enjoy the video.