Muay Thai fighting is an art that is more than just flashy knockouts and brutal cuts. There are many fighting styles in the sport. Some fighters utilize skill and technique to win on points, while other fighters utilize power and aggression to overwhelm opponents. No matter what style of fighting a fighter utilizes, there is a lot of skill involved to reach a high level.

While most people can appreciate the next level skills of a fighter like Saenchai, not all technical fighters have that kind of crowd-pleasing abilities. Fortunately, there are many fighters in Thailand that utilize the “Muay Mat” style of fighting, also known as the Punching style. This is the style that many Westerners enjoy watching because the fights are more entertaining as fighters trade heavy blows.

Before he retired, Pornsanae Sitmonchai was one of the most famous fighters known for his heavy hands and trademark low kicks. While he possessed devastating power, he was often too reckless and once he started getting older, his body couldn’t handle that aggressive style without being knocked out. Since his retirement, there have been a number of other fighters who have filled the void that the legend Pornsane left.

This article is going to introduce you to three of the top knockout artists in Thailand today. Each of these fighters possesses devastating power and the ability to put their opponents to sleep. They have the skill and technique to go toe to toe with the best fighters in the game and have all won major stadium belts.

Anyone who faces one of these fighters can expect one thing: A WAR

Without further ado, here are the top 3 knockout artists in Thailand.

#1 – Kulabdam Sor Jor Piek-Uthai (The Executioner)

Any Lumpinee champion with the nickname “The Executioner” is someone you should be very afraid to fight. Kulabdam’s superior boxing skills have allowed him to knockout out some of the best fighters in Thailand. He is like a shark in the waters, pouncing on his prey the moment he senses any weakness.

This year, Kulabdam won the 2017 Sports Writers Fighter of the Year Award given out to the fighter that achieves the most in Muay Thai. This is a prestigious award that is only given out to one fighter every year, in a sport that has hundreds of thousands of fighters in Thailand.

While a lot of Thai fighters possess power behind their shots, few fighters in Thailand have the same level of Boxing skills that Kulabdam has. His boxing abilities have allowed him to put to sleep some of the toughest opponents including the likes of elbow master Muangthai.

I could rave about how amazing Kulabdam is for an entire article, but the only thing that can truly do him justice is to watch his fights. Kulabdam is one of the most exciting fighters to watch because of his explosive punching power.

This fight showcases Kulabdam knocking out the King of Elbows Muangthai.

#2 – Rodtang Jitmuangnon (The Tank)

Coming from the famous Jitmuangnon camp in Thailand, Rodtang is one of the most exciting fighters you will ever see. He was given the nickname “the Tank” because of his fearless aggression and relentless attacks.

Besides his Muay Thai dominance, Rodtang also put his fighting skills to the test in the Kickboxing ring against Kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa. While he officially lost in an extra round, everyone including his opponent agreed that he won the fight.

By technically beating the best Kickboxer in his weight class in the world, Rodtang cemented his status as one of the most entertaining Muay Thai fighters in the world. His fighting style is that of a relentless pitbull that doesn’t stop walking forward.

If you haven’t seen his Kickboxing debut against Tenshin, you have to watch the fight below. Even though he isn’t able to use elbows or the clinch, he still bullies the Japanese star for 4 exciting rounds.

Here is a short highlight of Rodtong.

This is a video of his Kickboxing fight against Kenshin.

#3 – Yodlekphet Or Pitisak

When I first saw Yodlekphet fight at Rajadamnern I was blown away by his physique. The first thing that came to my mind was mini-Mike Tyson. He has the thickest legs and arms on a Thai fighter I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, my training partner Bangpeenoi 96 Penang at the time was his opponent in the blue corner.

As I watched from the blue corner of the ring, I saw first hand the devastation that Yodlekphet can create. In the second round, Yodlekphet stood in front of Bangpeenoi and hit him with the hardest body shot he’s ever felt. Bangpleenoi was instantly dropped and never recovered.

Here is the fight below.

Since that fight, Yodlekphet has knocked out some of the toughest Thai fighters in Thailand. His power and ability to stay in front of his opponents and take any shot they give is second to none. Winning the Lumpinee stadium belt and beating top fighters in his weight class like Rambo, Sangmanee and Panpayak resulted in Yodlekphet becoming a finalist for the 2017 Fighter of the Year award.

Out of the three fighters, Yodlekphet likes to throw a lot of low kicks. He has finished a few of his opponents off by low kick TKO. You will notice he likes to end a lot of his flurries with hard low kicks at the end.

If you want to see what a 140lbs Mike Tyson would look like in the ring, check out a highlight of Yodlekphet fight. He possesses power that can put anyone to sleep.

Check out this highlight of Yodlekphet’s punching destruction.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see Muay Thai knockout artists in action, watch these three fighters showcase their skills. Whether or not they finish the fight, their power, aggression, and skill are as good as it gets. All three fighters are relentless and are not afraid to trade blows with any opponent.

Each fighter has their own fighting style, which makes them all exciting in their own way. Kulabdam is the most skilled Boxer of the group, Rodtang is a pit bull that will bait opponent’s with his confident attitude, and Yodlekphet is mini Tyson that is looking to land that one shot.

All three fighters put on exciting fights that keep the fans coming back for more. Win or lose, you can expect to see these fighters give it all in the ring.