What is the Chopping Elbow 

Sok Sab is similar to the Diagonal Elbow, but exactly the reverse motion. That is, the elbow is brought in a DOWNWARD diagonal motion across the face rather than an UPWARDS diagonal motion like the Sok Chieng.

The Chopping Elbow is usually pulled off after the Diagonal Elbow misses and often thrown while in the clinch position (when it’s possible — and close enough — to land).

The elbow is simply brought back down in a reverse motion after the Diagonal Elbow is thrown. This will often catch the opponent by surprise as he (or she) is not expecting another elbow attack with the same elbow being brought downwards.

It’s not common to see this elbow strike thrown in actual Muay Thai fights as the timing and distance has to be absolutely perfect. 

How to Throw the Chopping Elbow

If the Diagonal Elbow misses and the elbow tip is (still) raised above the opponent, simply jerk the elbow back downwards at the same angle (but the reverse direction) you threw it up at. The angle of this attack makes it possible to slash between the opponent’s high guard especially if your opponent moves his or her head forward to counter attack after your original Diagonal Elbow misses.

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