What is the Double Elbow Chop?

The Double Elbow Chop ( in Thai called Sok klap khu / ศอกกลับคู่) is a technique where you bring both elbows together above your head and smash them downwards, hitting your target’s face/head with both elbows.

You will rarely see this strike thrown in a real Muay Thai match and the elbow is mostly utilized in Muay Boran demonstrations due to the stylistic nature of this strike. However, it can be used in a real match and is, by some fighters.

You can throw this strike from the ground or you can do it from a leap.  Note that this strike is a good defensive + offensive move to have as both arms can be used as a high guard to block attacks from an opponent while also being used offensively as a weapon when you drive both elbows forward and down. You can simply raise your high guard upwards then smash both elbow points into your opponent’s face.


How to Throw the Double Elbow Chop

Raise both elbows above your head (a similar position to the high guard block, but with both elbows pointing forward) with both arms pressed together and smash them downwards. You can do this strike standing or from a leap (the more common version as you can build up more power this way).

double elbow chop technique

Throwing the Double Elbow Chop from a standing position:

If you launch the attack from the ground you will want to bend your body backwards slightly as you move forward then whip your body forward and elbows downward. The target should be your opponent’s face. The strike can be used if your opponent is coming towards you.

Let’s look at a real world example of how to use this technique in a fight.

A Thai boxer uses this technique defensively as his opponent (Nintendo, the Tiger Muay Thai fighter) comes forward:


Here’s another example of the technique being used against Nintendo:


Throwing the Double Elbow Chop from a jump:

The common way to do this technique is from a jump. Leap up into the air while raising your arms above your head and bring both elbows downward onto the crown of your opponent’s head.


The technique is used again in this entertaining fight between a Thai and Nintendo. The Thai leaps upward slightly and brings the elbows down onto Nintendo’s face as he is leaping up to do his own Mid Air Elbow strike:


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