What is the Forward Elbow Thrust?

The Forward Elbow Thrust (known in Thai as Sok Poong / ศอกพุ่ง and also called by some as the Right Thrown Elbow)  is a technique where you thrust your elbow straight forward into the center of your opponent’s face. It’s almost always done with the rear elbow because you need the distance to generate power since in orthodox stance, your left arm would be too close to your opponent to generate enough force with this type of motion to make it an effective strike.


Since the elbow is thrust forward in a straight line, it’s often unexpected (opponents are more likely ready to defend against the Elbow Slash or Horizontal style elbows than a thrusting elbow).

Like the Uppercut Elbow, the Forward Elbow Thrust can penetrate through a tight high guard in the space between the two gloves.

The Forward Elbow Thrust vs. the Right Uppercut Elbow

The Forward Elbow Thrust is not to be confused with the Uppercut Elbow (which can be thrown with leading or rear elbow and is an upward motion). The Uppercut Elbow, if thrown with the rear elbow, is an upward motion while the Forward Elbow Thrust is a thrusting motion where the elbow is raised up and stabbed forward. You might think of it sort of middle ground / compromise between the Double Elbow Chop (which strikes downwards on a vertical plane) and an Uppercut Elbow (which strikes from upwards on a vertical plane). 

The advantage the Forward Elbow Thrust has over the Uppercut Elbow is that it’s not raised upwards but rather speared straight forward so it’s harder to block since it’s coming from a straight line rather then upward, downward, or sideways.

So the key difference between the Forward Elbow Thrust and the (Right) Uppercut Elbow is that in the Forward Elbow Thrust technique, the elbow is raised while stabbing forward rather then jerked upwards like in the Uppercut Elbow.

Look at the difference between the two strikes.

Forward Elbow Thrust:


Right Uppercut Elbow:


While both elbows look a bit similar, you’ll notice the Forward Elbow Thrust has a more step forward motion and driving motion.

How to Throw the Forward Elbow Thrust

Lift your right elbow upwards so the the tip is pointed directly at your opponent’s face and your right hand is over your head then thrust the elbow forwards as you step forward slightly with your left foot. The strike is given power from the thrusting motion of the elbow and your body as you step forward at the same time. If you don’t step forward, the strike won’t have power!


Make sure you keep your left hand held high against the left side of your face and your chin down to protect yourself from any strikes as you throw the strike.

Look at how this strike is thrown in a fight and notice how the fighters step forward:

Forward Elbow Thrust_3

Right Thrown Elbow (Sok Poong)

Also notice how the motion of the elbow is a stabbing one, not a lifting one.

You can watch a video on how to perform the technique here.

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