What is the Downward Jumping Elbow?

Along with the Spinning Elbow and the Double Elbow Chop, the Downward Jumping elbow (known in Thai as Mid Air Elbow or Kradot sok /กระโดดศอก) is another fancy elbow strike that will please the crowd.

This is a variation of the Downward Chopping elbow that has the fighter leaping up into the air while bringing down the elbow chop. By leaping forward towards an opponent, a fighter can quickly close the distance to land the elbow. This technique is particularly powerful as the fighter can leverage the downward momentum of the jump to ad power to the strike.

Depending on where you the elbow lands, the downward jumping elbow can be used to hurt an opponent. The placement of the elbow will determine if the elbow is a cutting elbow or a crushing elbow.


How to Throw the Mid Air Elbow Strike

Jump towards your opponent with your lead foot slightly raised raise your right elbow above your head and bring it smashing downward. The actual elbow technique is the same as the Downward Elbow Chop, but with the addition of a short leap into the air to add extra momentum to the strike. You want to bring the tip of your elbow down on the crown or forehead of your opponent. If you fully land this strike, there is a good chance you can KO.

Here’s how you can do it:


Note that you don’t have to jump too high — a small leap toward your opponent is all you need.

While it may look awesome to have several feet of air under you while you jump, ala all those cool Muay Boran jumping elbow pictures (the actual technique the Muay Thai version is based on), you don’t need to go to such dramatic measures like leaping 3 feet into the air or climbing up your opponents’ knee to land this strike.

In fact, if you jump too high, you are more likely not to land the strike. The simpler you make the strike, the more successful you will likely be with it.

So don’t do this:

08a90dfbddf61ff03c49b9c7cd135943 muay boran jumping elbow strike sok tong

Watch Ncedo “Nintendo” Gomba pull this strike off. It’s one of his favorite elbow attacks and he pulls it off multiple times in pretty much every single one of his fights:


Note that Nintendo does not jump dramatically high in the air, but rather does a short little leap forward, just enough to close the distance and add power to the strike.

This strike is best used to surprise your opponent as they retreat from you. You can also use this strike following another attack if your opponent covers their face with a high guard. This will leave the top part of the head (the crown) exposed to the tip of your elbow.

Watch Somrak pull the Kradot sok off in some of his fights.



Ncedo “Nintendo” Gomba is a dynamic fighter that pulls this move off on a regular basis in his fights. Here’s Nintendo landing it on my brother Steve during the first minute of the first round of their fight last year.


He landed a second elbow strike later in the first round that opened up an 11 stitch cut on Steve’s forehead.


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