What is the Reverse Horizontal Elbow?

The reverse Horizontal Elbow (known as Sok wiang klap / ศอกเหวี่ยงกลับ) is another elbow strike that’s rarely used in actual fights (though it pops up here and there, occasionally).

The setup for this strike is to first throw a horizontal elbow and if it misses and your elbow is still extended, simply jerk the elbow backwards along the same horizontal path you threw the first elbow on. If your opponent lets his guard down after the fist strike misses, you’ll smash the side of his face with the back of your elbow.

How to Throw the Reverse Horizontal Elbow

You can either throw this right after a horizontal elbow that misses or as a stand-alone technique. The key here is that you MUST be in the proper position to implement the elbow which is standing slightly to the LEFT of your opponent with your right elbow raised up slightly (or parallel to the ground) and right hand behind the left side of your face (basically, your elbow is cocked and ready to go).

How to Throw the Reverse Elbow As a Stand Alone Technique

Step close to your opponent so that you are standing slightly to his side and bring your leading elbow across your face with the elbow pointed either downward slightly or horizontal then jerk the elbow point backwards towards your opponents face.


Here’s Somrak pulling this technique off in as a stand-alone elbow in an actual fight:

sok sab chopping elbow

How to Throw the Reverse Elbow after Horizontal Elbow

This strike is best utilized after the horizontal elbow is thrown since you will be in the perfect position to launch this strike, assuming the first elbow missed and you are standing slightly off to the LEFT of your opponent. Throw the Horizontal Elbow first then jerk the back of your elbow

Throw the Horizontal Elbow first then jerk the back of your elbow backwards to pull off the reverse elbow and you might just land a clean strike.

Here’s a GIF showing how to implement the Reverse Elbow after throwing the Horizontal Elbow first:


Watch technique videos here and here.

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