sangmanee-vs-thanonchai-drawEvery once in a while you will see a fight that showcases the essence of real Muay Thai. While other organizations try to bend the rules and make their fighters push forward with aggression so casual fans can see knockouts, the traditional stadiums of Rajadmanern, Lumpinee, and Channel 7 continue to showcase the best Muay Thai fighters on the planet.

Muay Thai is an art form. One thing that makes it such a beautiful sport is the contrast in styles. Some fighters like to use skill to win fights, while others are all about going forward with aggression. While casual fans want to see knockouts, that isn’t the essence of what makes a good fight. Any Muay Thai fan will tell you that the best fights ALWAYS go the distance.

Sure, the occasional knockout happens at the higher levels, but that is usually pretty rare. Fighter’s know how to protect themselves and they aren’t given fight bonuses (in 5 round fights) to encourage them to walk forward and become reckless in the ring.

In Thailand the most competitive weight divisions are between 105-135 lbs. These weight classes are often too light for many foreigners to compete on, which is the reason why you see foreigners perform much better in the heavier weight classes.

This fight between Sangmanee vs Thanonchai showcases a couple of the top fighters in Thailand going head to head. These are the type of fights that fight fans dream about and demonstrates why Muay Thai is the best combat sport in the world.

Sangmanee Muaythaihitex (Red) vs Thanaonchai Thanakorngym (Blue)

Special thanks to Timo Ruge from Muay Ties for the awesome video upload. 

Watch and Learn from the Best

This fight is a great demonstration of the skill, timing and technique used by the best Muay Thai fighters. Notice how they are constantly going back and forth into attacking and defending. Both fighters are standing their ground and are exchanging blows.

This is the 9th time that they have fought and the results show you exactly why they will have another match. The gamblers love close fights where you could flip a coin to determine the winner.


You can see Sangmanee’s crooked nose

In the later rounds the young Sangmanee has is nose completely broken by an elbow. You can see in between the rounds that his nose is off to the side of his face. Even with a completely smashed nose, he still comes out and finishes the fight strong.

To make it to the top of Muay Thai you need to have the mental toughness and heart to endure anything. These fighters both showcase such a strong fortitude and determination that carries them through the entire fight.

When you compare the work rate of fighters at this level to some of the other Thai fighters who are fighting foreigners, you can’t compare. Look how much volume, pressure, and pace these young gunners are using the entire fight. This is an example of someone who has been training their ass off for a hard fight.

This was an exciting battle that is definitely worth watching from start to finish. It is fights like this that remind me why I love Muay Thai so much.