When you reach a high level in Muay Thai, every fight is a hard fight. When you face an opponent who outmatches you with skill, your mental toughness will be put to the ultimate test.

The word HEART is often used to describe fighters who keep on pushing in a fight, no matter how bad they are losing or they are outmatched. Fighters’ who demonstrate heart in the ring often reach the highest levels because they can push themselves to their ultimate limits.

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Some people often confuse the word HEART with winning. Just because a fighter wins a lot of fights, doesn’t necessarily make him a fighter who has a big heart. To truly see what someone is made out of you have to see them in a very hard fight pushed to their limits.

While casual Muay Thai fans look at a fighter’s record to determine how good they are, the real test of a fighter is seeing how they handle adversity in a fight. What happens when the fighter gets dropped for the count or when they take too many low kicks in a fight is going to tell you a lot about that fighter.

This fight between a French fighter Alexis Barateau vs. Montien Sitmonchai showcases what heart looks like in a fight. Even though Alexis gets pounded away the entire fight, (i don’t know how he was able to even stand after two rounds) he never showed quit in his face.

If you want to see what a low kick destruction looks like, make sure you watch this fight.

The Battle of Low Kicks

Thoughts on the Fight

Whenever you get into a battle of low kicks, you better make sure that you have conditioned legs. The fact that this French fighter was able to withstand so many low kicks is a testament to his mental toughness and leg conditioning. Most fighters would not have been able to make it to the 3rd round with the very tough fighter from Sitmonchai.

While the French fighter showed a lot of Heart in the fight, he didn’t use the right strategy in the fight. In his mind he was going to try and go toe to toe with his opponent, regardless of how much damage he took. The problem with this mentality is that if your opponent is better at low kicks than you are, you are not going to be able to last as long in the fight.

In Thailand, a fighter’s camp will often determine their fighting style. If you ever fight a Thai fighter from Sitmonchai, you can bet money they will throw a lot of punches and low kicks at you. The worst thing you can do against a low kicker is to try and come forward with punches and trade with them. The moment you step into a punch, a good low kicker will smash your legs.

As the old saying goes, “if you play with fire, your gonna get burned.”

This fight showcases why fight strategy is so important to winning fights. Even though Alexis believed he could win the fight on his own terms, that essentially played into the hands of his opponent. The moment he realized his opponent was getting the better of the low kicks, he should have either engaged in the clinch or switched to a more defensive fighting style.

Overall, this was an excellent fight that showcased two very talented fighters going toe to toe for 3 rounds. Muay Thai fights don’t get much more entertaining to watch than this.

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