When it comes to hitting Muay Thai pads, not everyone is created equal. While you might think that you have seen some good guys at your gym hit pads, top level fighters in Thailand are at a completely different level when they train.

The following video showcases Petch-ake Sitjaopho hitting pads with his trainer at Sitjaopho Muay Thai. When you watch this video keep an eye on Petch-ake’s technique throughout the video. Notice his hips are turned on his kicks generating power, elbows are sharp and crisp, and the knees are a thing of magic. This is what perfect technique looks like on Muay Thai pads.

Not only does Petch-ake look great on pads, his pad holder demonstrates what a next level pad holder looks like. He doesn’t call out a ton of combinations for his fighter, he simply lets Petch-ake flow through his offense. He is using free style pad work and constantly moving into different positions for Petch-ake to attack. This is what next level pad holding looks like.

Video Credit: TeessideMT

About Sitjaopho Muay Thai

Photo credit Sitjaopho Facebook page

Photo credit Sitjaopho Facebook page

Sitjaopho Muay Thai is a small gym that I have been wanting to check out ever since my friend Matt Nielsen, has been posting awesome pictures and videos like this of the gym. Located in the city of Hua Hin (a few hours from Bangkok), this gym has produced two of Thailand’s best fighters Petch-ake Sitjaopho and Petch-tho Sitjaopho, who also happen to be twins.

The Sitjaopho twins utilize a style of Muay Thai that is called Muay Femeu. Muay Femeu is a style that emphasizes using skill and technique to win fights. While other camps like the famous Sitmonchai Muay Thai camp near Bangkok, focus on power and strength (Muay Mat), the Sitjaopho style of fighting is all about out smarting your opponent in the ring.

The Muay Femeu style of Muay Thai is the same style that legends like Saenchai, Samart Payakaroon and Somrak Khamsing all utilized as champions.

To find out more information about Sitjaopho Muay Thai Gym you can visit there website or their facebook page