This fight featuring AKA fighter Dillon Croushorn showcases a very nice finish, but an even better reaction from the referee. As Dillon KO’s his opponent with an elbow, he is stopped short of landing a devastating knee to his falling opponent, by a fast reaction from the referee. That reaction can only happen from someone who is intently watching both fighters throughout the fight.

Check out that great speed and footwork from the referee

This ref deserves some recognition for his great footwork and speed, cutting off the angle so that Dillon wasn’t able to land his knee. If that knee would have landed on the Kickboxer, he would have been asleep on the ground for a long time.

Note* This referee works in Bangla Stadium in Phuket, Thailand 

Full Fight Video

The fight itself is a good one that features a classic battle of Muay Thai vs Kickboxing. Dillon uses his aggression to keep applying pressure to his opponent who looked uncomfortable in clinch range. Because of the forward pressure, his opponent wasn’t able to load up on his spinning back kicks and get the right distance that he wanted to.

Make sure you watch the full fight video below, it’s an action pact round of fighting.

Video credit: AKA Thailand