SParring with Sam-A

In this weeks edition of training with Champions I get a chance to spar with one of my favorite fighters Sam-A. Sam-A is a fighter who I have been following every since I came to Thailand over 5 years ago. This video of him doing 50 kicks in preparation for a fight was one of the first videos that exposed him to the western market.

If you haven’t already seen the video of Sam-A doing 50 kicks you can check it out right below:

I remember watching this video thinking, “this guy is a beast,” and I was pretty accurate with that description. Sam-A is a fighter who is known for his speed and timing. In the last few videos I showcased some pad rounds with Sam-A. This video below showcases some sparring I did with the Lumpinee champion.

Sparring with Lumpinee Champ Sam-A:

Things to Notice

Even though Sam-A is technical better and quicker than I am, he is having fun in the sparring session. Notice how calm and relaxed he is throughout the entire 5 minutes. He doesn’t try to hit with power or prove that he is better, he is confident in his abilities as a fighter.

Whether I tag him with a shot or not, it doesn’t hurt his ego. This is one of the biggest differences you will have when you spar with a high level Thai compared to fighters from other sports. While some Thai fighters are definitely cocky and arrogant, the majority of the time you will find that these are humble guys.

***Did you notice that Sam-A was a Southpaw? Noticing the stance of your opponent is very important when it comes to getting an accurate read on them. How you spar a Southpaw fighter is completely different than an orthodox fighter. If you want to learn how to counter a Southpaw you can read this article here.

If they weren’t Muay Thai fighters they would have been regular guys like you and me. The only difference is that they were trained to be a fighter since they were a kid, not because they were the toughest kid in the playground.

Training with high level Thai fighters like Sam-A who are humble and willing to let you work on your game is a pleasure. I am happy to spar with anyone, but sparring with elite guys like Sam-A showcases what it looks like to reach to highest level in the sport.

In next weeks edition of training with champions, I get some sparring done with another top fighter in the sport Nong-O. Stay Tuned for that.

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