When you spar with skilled fighters you will notice that they use a lot of fakes before they strike. The reason these fighters throw a lot of feints is to keep you guessing on defense when they will strike. Technical fighters will end up mesmerizing you with their flashy moves, making you wonder when they are actually going to hit.

A skilled fighter can make you look like a deer caught in the headlights by using fancy footwork and feints to keep you guessing what they will do next. When you are facing a tricky opponent who throws a lot of feints it will cause you to hesitate on defense, which is exactly what they want to happen.

Anytime you hesitate, it means you are inactive. Being indecisive will often result in your being a step slower than your opponent. Instead of being proactive and forcing your opponent to react to you, you will find yourself reacting to your opponent.

In the video below Nong-O demonstrates the importance of using the teep to disrup an opponent who is trying to fake you out. Instead of sitting back and trying to figure when you should block your opponent’s strike, the teep is an active weapon that is going to disrupt their offensive flow.

Throwing a well placed teep will cause your opponent to reset their offense or even knock them off balance. The key is to wait for your opponent to initiate his offense, then throw the teep.

The following video showcases Nong-O demonstrating the importance of a well placed teep:

Timing is Everything

When you throw your teep at your opponent it is important that you time it correctly. If you throw your teep from a distance, your opponent can easily parry the teep and then counter you. Ideally, you want to wait for your opponent to begin to initiate their offense and then teep them before they strike.

If a fighter is expecting your teep, they can bait you into throwing the strike and then counter you. It is important that you don’t telegraph your defense, otherwise it makes it easier for your opponent.

Teep is perfect against the shuffle step

Anytime you see a fighter shuffling his feet in front of you, teep him off balance. Do not wait for him to fake you out. Throw the teep as fast and as hard as you can. Make sure your opponent knows that you will not let them play around with you. A strong teep is the best way to disrupt a tricky opponent who is show boating in a fight.

Your teep is arguably the best defensive weapon you can use against any opponent you face. A good teep can easily throw a fighter off balance as they are initiating their attack. Whether someone is coming forward with a punch or a kick, the teep can counter them.

If you want to have a good defensive game I suggest you master the teep. This is a weapon that you will learn to love. If you use it enough it will be one of your go to moves when you fight. Working on your teep when you shadow box, hit the heavy bag, working pads and sparring will help you sharpen this tool.

Special thanks Nong-O for helping me out with this technique. If you want to train with Nong-O you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation.