When I first heard that Superlek Kiatmoo9 was getting matched up with a foreigner from Scotland, I felt like it was a mismatch. This has nothing to do with Christopher’s skills or fight record, it is simply the fact that any fighter outside of the top Lumpinee/Rajadamnern/Channel 7 circuit is going to be in for a tough ride against Superlek.

For those of you who don’t know who Superlek is, let me put things into perspective. Superlek is a young star currently in his prime.

I’ve seen Superlek fight twice at Rajdamnern stadium, and both times he won. His technique, skill, and speed are second to none.

Someone like Saenchai might be WAY more famous around the world, but Saenchai is a shell of his former self. Fighting into his late 30’s, Saenchai is over a decade past his real Muay Thai prime.

Saenchai is the Muay Thai equivalent of Floyd Mayweather. He has so much experience and skill, that he can play with guys and still win, but he is simply not the same fighter he once was.

In Muay Thai, the prime of a fighter is between 21-25 years old.

Superlek is a superstar right now. He has beaten the best fighters in Thailand including the likes of Panpayak, Sangmanee, Saeksan, Thanonchai, and Pornsanae. He has captured the Lumpinee Title in multiple weight classes and is currently one of the top 5 fighters in Thailand.

Anyways, now that we have established that Superlek is a beast, watch the fight below.

Skip to 7:22 minute for the start of the fight

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltouaa3QDdM[/embedyt]

Thoughts on the Fight

Even though the fight was one-sided (as you would expect), Christopher put up a strong showing. He didn’t back down, took the punishment, and never got dropped in the fight. I know fighters hate to think about moral victories after a loss, but this is definitely a fight Chris should be proud of.

He was completely outclassed in terms of skill, but his heart and determination kept him standing. You can teach a fighter skill, but you can’t teach them grit and mental toughness.

The fact that Chris was able to last 5 rounds in a fight with Superlek is a testament to his mental toughness and conditioning. The next fight foreigner that Chris faces is going to be in for a tough battle against the Scottish warrior.

Superlek’s Conditioning Issues

The one thing I should mention is that Superlek was gassed out after a few rounds. It is rare to see a Thai fighter looked so gassed in the later rounds of a fight that doesn’t involve a lot of clinching.

While Thais are very good at hiding how they are feeling, you can always tell when a Thai is tired by their volume of strikes. If a fighter starts sitting back and letting you attack, it means they are trying to recoup their energy.

One of the reasons why Superlek gassed out was the first round. Thai fighters usually use the first round to conserve their energy and feel out their opponent, something that Superlek didn’t do.

The moment the bell sounded, Superlek charged forward and was looking to end the fight. When you try to headhunt for a knockout, it will put you at a disadvantage if you fail.

Superlek used up a lot of energy in the first round, and it emptied his tank for the rest of the fight.

Another reason why Superlek might have had conditioning issues was the jet lag. I can imagine if you fight in a country where there is a major time difference, that will affect your sleep cycle. Now I don’t want to make excuses for him since he still won, but his cardio was definitely not the same as I’ve seen him fight live in Bangkok.

Regardless of Superlek’s conditioning, both fighters put on an excellent fight. Christopher Shaw should be proud of his performance and the fact that he was able to go 5 rounds with arguably the best Thai fighter in the world at that weight class.

I’m excited to see what kind of damage Superlek can do if he continues to fight abroad, it is great to see high-level fighters from Bangkok making a name for themselves on the world stage.