When it comes to exciting Muay Thai fights, Saeksan is a Muay Thai fighter that brings it every time. He has had some amazing knockouts wins against some of the best Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. This fight between Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang vs Thanonchai Thor. Sangtiennoi showcases Muay Thai at its absolute best. It was a battle of two aggressive fighters that have huge heart in the ring.

Usually, the first few rounds of a Muay Thai fight are slow, but these guys obviously didn’t get the memo before getting into the ring. This is one of the most exciting Muay Thai fights you will ever see, so take 15 minutes and enjoy every moment before reading the breakdown.

Saeksan (red) vs Thanonchai (blue) –  Fight Video


Video Credit – Muay Ties

Fight Breakdown

Two Cardio Machines

This fight is one of the most cardio intensive fights you will see. Both fighters pushed the pace for the entire 5 rounds of action. While Thai fighters are known for slow starts and strong finishes, this fight started off with 100% intensity. The sheer volume of techniques they used throughout the fight would have gassed out most Thai fighters by the third round.

This is a testament to how fit both of these guys really are. The fact that they were able to go at this pace for 5 rounds, means that their conditioning is absolutely top notch. No matter how much westerners like to criticize the Thai style of training, you can’t argue with the results in the ring.

Starting Strong

At the start of the fight both fighters showed that they wouldn’t back down from a slug fest. Neither fighter wasted any time before they were throwing strong shots at their opponent, trying to do damage. This would set the tone for the rest of the fight.

This clip showcases a brief exchange near the start of the fight set the tone for an amazing fight.

These small exchanges happened right at the start of the fight.

Bring on the Elbows

Since Thanonchai was throwing a lot of heavy punches, Saeksan was looking to counter these punches with strong elbows. He managed to land a clean elbow in the first round that caused a massive lump on his opponents forehead.

As a general rule of thumb, the moment someone starts throwing elbows in a Muay Thai fight, both fighters will start throwing them. Even though Saeksan started the elbow war, his opponent was game to join in on the fun.

The fact that neither fighter was cut in this fight is truly incredible. If you look closely you will see lumps all over both fighters faces, as some of the elbows did find their mark.

This sequence of elbows is probably one of the best 7 seconds of action you will see.

2 spinning elbows in a period of 6 seconds, so good

Towards the end of the second round both fighters were going for broke. They both wanted to desperately hurt each other. It was amazing that there wasn’t a knockdown at some point in these exchanges. While Saeksan got the better of the elbow war, his opponent Thanonchai was definitely dishing out his share of damage as well.

This was pretty much the entire first 3 rounds of the fight.

More Hard Exchanges into the Third

In the third round both fighters started engaging in the clinch. Even though this round was pretty even throughout, Saeksan would gain a slight advantage as he was able to land a few more effective knees and control the clinch.

Even though there was more clinching in the third round, they were still plenty of exchanges like this one.

Here is another beautiful exchange of knees and elbows from both fighters

Saeksan Pulls Ahead

Going into the 4th round this fight was very close. Even though Saeksan had a slight edge because of the clinching, the 4th round was going to be a deciding round.

Starting off in the round both fighters wanted to win this fight. Both fighters didn’t waste a second before the started engaging in the clinch and exchanging blows. Given Saeksan’s advantage in the clinching, he was the definite favorite going into this round.

Saeksan was very aggressive with his body locks and was able to control Thanonchai throughout the round. This would score him enough points to put him clearly ahead on the judges score cards. Thanonchai was having a difficult time trying to get out of his opponent’s body locks.

Saeksan used the body lock to effectively control his opponent in the clinch

Better Late Than Never

Once the 5th round start Saeksan’s corner would have told him that he needed to be defensive because he was winning. Saeksan was ahead on the judges score cards, so his strategy was to avoid getting caught with a big shot and try to lock his opponent up when he engaged.

Saeksan continually tried wrapping up his opponent in the clinch, but Thanonchai was able to push him away and push forward with hard punches. Up until the knockdown, Saeksan was clearly going to win the fight on points. All he had to do was tie his opponent a few more times and he would have won the fight.

Unfortunately for Saeksan, this would happen.

This is what you call winning the fight at the very end.

Following the knockdown, Thanonchai would go on to win the decision on points. The final knockdown ensured there would be no uncertainty who was the winner of the fight.

Fighting with Honor

saeksan vs thanonchaiAt the end of the 5th round, when Thanongchai drops Saeksan for the count, he allows him to recover and finish the fight. Even though he  could have won the fight with a KO if he rushed him, he knew that he won the fight and didn’t need to prove anything else.

This is something that you rarely see in combat sports today. In Thailand, fighters realize that this is their career and they will fight again in 3 weeks. Getting the win with points is just as satisfying as winning by KO.

The amount of respect shown between the fighters at the end of the fight is a perfect example of the Thai style of fighting. These guys are both warriors and deserve credit for being apart of something that was truly beautiful to watch.