The last 3 months have not been good for Muay Thai champion Aikpracha Meeayothin. Since retiring from Muay Thai and moving over to Kickboxing, Aikpracha has suffered his 3rd straight loss in a row, with 2 of them being knockout losses. This has been a growing trend of top level Muay Thai fighters switching over to Kickboxing because of the money.

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Even though Aikpracha is a world class Muay Thai fighter, when you take away his clinch and his ability to throw elbows, half of his weapons are gone. Having already discussed this in the Simon Marcus article above, I don’t want to be redundant.

Aikpracha KO lossWhile Aikpracha is a deadly fighter in the Muay Thai ring, he is not nearly as effective in the Kickboxing ring. Because of his lack of boxing skills, he is continually getting caught when he comes forward with strikes. Instead of being able to engage in the clinch, he is stuck in his opponent’s punching range.

Since his last few knockout losses, another question that arises is Aikpracha’s ability to take a punch. Everyone knows that a fighter has a finite number of punches they can take to the head before they start losing their chin. Has Aikpracha reached that limit? Only time will tell.

This is the full video of his last fight:

Aikpracha is a perfect example of an excellent Muay Thai fighter who is unable to adapt to the Kickboxing ring. Given the fact that the Chinese Kickboxing promotions are continuing to attract top Thai fighters in their organizations, I expect to see this trend continuing in the next year.